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The greatest humility, Admit that God is > than my heart!

I recently heard someone quoted as telling their wife, “Dear, I could agree with you, but then we would both be wrong!” In my pride, I would rather twist my view of God into seeing him as someone who agrees that I am worthless and useless and hopeless; rather than admitting that I am just plain wrong. I see, feel and believe myself to be worthless and he says, ” I could agree with you but then we would both be wrong and I am not able to be wrong!”

In 1 John 3: 19-22 The inspired word of God tells me that I can’t trust the inner thoughts of my heart. If my heart condemns me, (As it often does) I am just wrong! For there is therefore now NO condemnation to those who are saved. If I say that God is right and I am wrong, the devil jumps in to accuse me of my struggles and slips and even of my tendency to put my negative opinion of myself above God’s word. “Are you sure you are really saved? You were awfully young and can’t even remember. Maybe you did it wrong.”

He knows that he can’t take away my position in Christ, but he can get me so tied up in self doubt that I am useless as a warrior for the kingdom.

But, if I don’t feel assured, doesn’t that mean that I must not be assured? I thought that the Spirit would bear witness with my spirit that I was saved. Well 1 John says that feeling unassured is something saved Christians experience and often find their hearts condemning them. Romans 8:15-17 is written to believers who are in bondage to fear and wonder if they have really been adopted. It calls me to let go of my tendency to trust my feelings and judgment.

But, if I can’t even trust my feelings and thoughts, what can I trust? Oh yeah, I can trust the word of God who says that his opinion is greater than my heart and he knows more than I do!

So why resist him? Isn’t it a joyous thing that I am not condemned and am forever secure in his finished accomplishments in my regard? Well, yes, but then I have to humbly admit that what “seems” true to me, is not, that his thoughts are not my thoughts and that to have views that work in life, I must always take every thought into captivity and go to the Word.

I also need to humbly admit that my view of the worth and dignity of all other humans is often messed up. I need to beg God to open my eyes that I might see glimpses of the truth, the reality that he sees and learn to bless each enemy and stranger with exuberant hope, love, and enthusiasm.

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