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Unconditional Surrender!

When I decided to quit being at war with God, (like a commander surrendering the city to an invader) I wanted to know what were the terms of surrender. How about I give him 10% of my income and the rest his mine to use, however I want? How about I give him Sunday morning […]

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HEALTHY GUT 2 Chronicles 36:21 suggests that healthy soil and therefore healthy nutrition is really important! The purpose of letting the land rest, (keep sabbath) was for better nutrition in the food. Of all the evils God could have focused on, he focused on the fact that they had not let the land lie fallow […]

Comfort Love Peace Relationships


I’ve had a few friends who have been unable to find peace due to a constant focus on the situation of their grandchildren. Mind you, they’ve done all that they can do. One even called child protective services only to have them find insufficient evidence of a problem. That, of course, wound up costing the […]

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Worry is something we take! So how much worry should I invest in tomorrow?  None? Not even for Food or Clothing? Does God want me to run around naked and starving? No! That is precisely why it is a waste of energy to worry about these things–my heavenly father knows that I need these. Besides, […]

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Basic principle: What I do will produce consequences. Any exception would make a fool of God and he will not be made a fool of. Either I pay or he pays for me. I live in a cause and effect world. If I do the healthy things I will do better than if I don’t. […]

Forgiveness Love Peace Relationships


Some thoughts in regards to a friend who is being shunned by family: God allows us to experience suffering and often does his best work in ways we would rather alter. Suffering, hits us differently. It’s not so much the size of the loss or the physical pain as it is how personal the source […]