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The Bible is without error, and it says of itself,that it is profitable for practical truth to guide, reprove, fix, purify and equip you for ministry and every life challange. So why don’t I run to it practically on a daily basis to see what is says about my current life problems? Truthfully I don’t […]

Bible Study Iniquity Relationships


16th Century Painting by Michelangelo Anselmi Christ and the Woman of Samaria oil on canvas, 18.75 x 15.5 inches (Photo credit: Wikipedia) I’ve asked for people to ask me questions and love it when they do. BUT … I am wired to think in terms of  practical questions about life issues. When I run into […]

Bible Study Comfort

Heave Your Heavy Burdens On Him

He really does care for you. Let’s consider our tendency to grab each piece of life and turn it into a burden that crushes. How? By taking responsibility onto myself to figure it all out, fix it in my own strength, decide what is best, and worry how the result will make me look and […]