Life Challange


This is a cause and effect world. What we sow we reap! If I sow, I reap death/ if he sows through me, I reap life abundantly.

God’s “laws” are simply a list of wisdom principles that would work if I could keep them. However, like the apostle Paul, I know what to do, and really want to do it BUT DON’T! I know what I should quit and really don’t want to do them, BUT DO! Romans 6

Remember that I CAN live God’s way and reap the blessings–through Christ who strengthens me.


1.HAVE RIGHT PRIORITIES: Only God, only his kingdom, only his righteousness, only find comfort from him, only do all for his glory, only see what he sees, only feel what he feels, only want what he wants, only do his will. Get lost totally in him with no other gods, ever, at all.

2.SEEK TO KNOW THE GOD THAT IS. Be careful not to put God into a box. Ask him to show me who he is, how big he is, how great his love etc.—– Be careful not to create my own “god” by seeking a feeling of worth, strength and security from: food, work, friends, family, sports, clothing, fame, power, video games, drugs, alcohol, my own opinion of myself, or even from ministry and helping others. —–See the God who is always there/ who dwells within me/ who sees and is part of all I do/ who knows my every thought/ and who is always more than enough.

3. HONOR THE NAME: Do all in the name of the Lord, work in his name, give in his name, love in his name. Remember to never see anything as worth doing without involving his reputation and name into it.

4. REDEEM TIME: Remind myself that, all time belongs to God, not to me. Redeem the time by asking how he wants us (him and me) to spend it. Take time to rest and be still and know him, not just stay busy. Ephesians 5:16 Colossians 4:5 Psalm 46:10

5.HONOR AUTHORITIES: Honor all powerful people in my life, even bad powerful people, especially my parents. They are put there by God and I would do well to honor and obey them, unless they ask me to sin. Then respectfully appeal but purpose in my heart to not sin. {see my tool on the appeal from Daniel 1} Hebrews 13:7,17

6.BRING LIFE NOT DEATH: Never call someone, “worthless” or “hopeless” or “fool”. Flee from being angry at how they step on “my rights”, but, rather, hate the sin that is destroying them and seek their best interest. Bless your enemies by pointing out examples of how they have worth and there is hope and they have their own type of wisdom. Sermon on the mount Matthew 5

7.HELP PEOPLE SEE THEMSELVES AS PEOPLE/NOT SEX OBJECTS: Do not look on a woman to lust after her, see older women as mothers, same age women as sisters, and younger women as daughters. (Unless you are married to her.) See the unique beauty of the God designed people they are.

8. REMEMBER, “WHAT’S THEIRS IS THEIRS AND WHAT GOD HAS GIVEN ME IS GODS‘. Strike, “mine” from my vocabulary. If the other is needy and I have of this world’s goods, I need to share, and, of course, never, never take what they have without permission.

9. WORK TO HELP OTHERS BE UNDERSTOOD, ACCEPTED, AND SUPPORTED BY THE COMMUNITY. No gossip or tale bearing. If my neighbor is overtaken in a fault, first examine myself, then offer to help restore their dignity. Remember, love covers a multitude of sins.

10. REJOICE IN WHAT OTHER PEOPLE HAVE, EVEN IF I DO NOT. Rejoice in their family, friends, possessions, abilities, looks, health etc. and praise God for his goodness to them.


Thank you teacher.
As always, this was delivered to me at precisely the moment I needed it most. The inner turmoils can often bring confusion and a lot of doubt. This guidance, beginning with the reminder of Paul, will assuredly help restore a lot of it. Blessings.


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