Everyone Else is Doing it, so it Must be Fun—I Have to Try Just Once!

Boy, that fruit on the tree can still look pretty good. I am sure that Eve just kept thinking, “I wonder what it tastes like, it sure looks good to eat, just one bite cannot hurt.” Oh, boy, was that was a mistake!

Young people growing up see that we have no laws against eating mud or hitting your finger with a hammer because obviously those are nasty. When they are told that they cannot drink alcohol, smoke marijuana, or have sex outside of marriage, they think, “All those other people are doing those things and they seem to be having fun and are getting away with it, can I really go my whole life without finding out what so fun?” (Yes, you can, by God’s grace, and be better off for it.)

  • So often we insist on looking at the attractive fruit on the tree. This raises our desire to try it, just once!
  • We then question, “What’s so wrong with that? Those people seem to be enjoying it.”
  • We question God, and then give in.
  • We then promise to never do it again, then slip again, then promise to quit, only to find ourselves addicted.
  • We then begin to reap the consequences of our sin and we cry out to God and get help to quit.

God will help us, but he does not install chairlifts in the slippery hill of sin. Instead, we have to climb, with him and with the help of others, slowly and painfully out of the valley. This is good because he wants us to get to the place where we trust him when he says “do not.”
He is leading us to the place we trust him when he says, “obey.” He wants me to trust him and not just to avoid getting into trouble.

Way back in the garden of Eden, God gave them a single rule so that they could learn obedience. He is looking today for people to go to his Word, get instructions from the Holy Spirit, and obey him before we get into trouble.

Obey him even when my way seems better to me.

Obey him because I know he is wiser than I.

I need to learn to hate the sin of being my own boss more than I hate the consequences of my bad choices.

It is like the child who disobeys his mother, leaves the yard, and gets injured by a passing car. Instead of saying, ” I am sorry for being disobedient,” he says, “I am sorry for breaking my leg and it was wrong because it hurts.”

“Lord teach me to hate my sin of indulging in “just looking” at the beautiful sin and just wanting one bite. Of wanting to judge for myself. Help me instead to delight in your law, seek out your advice, and follow it with joy before I learn the hard way to trust that you are wiser than I am.

One reply on “Everyone Else is Doing it, so it Must be Fun—I Have to Try Just Once!”

On this topic, allow me to state that I thought I had no testimony to give because I didn’t go through the very difficult stages that a lot of people go through. I was loved as child and brought up by mature Christian parents who took the Bible at His Word and raised me that way. Teenage societal rebellion was not in my nature (I can’t say the same for my brothers, though ;-)), and my growing up years were…uneventful. No sneaking around with the opposite sex, dipping into the latest hallucinogens, or stealing from the local store. My subconscious goal was to make my parents proud of me.

Fast forward to adulthood. I married a man who did not enjoy the childhood I did, but we formed a fairly ‘uneventful’ family life, including ourselves into the goings-on of my childhood church. The kiddies were raised as I was, loved and respecting our Lord and others. All-in-all I think we did pretty well for ourselves.

One night at a local women’s meeting a speaker told her story of the tremendous strife in her past and how she ‘came to God’ and changed her ways. I sat back and kinda envied her story because of the radical difference she exhibited. From rags to riches kind of thing. Something I could not claim for myself.

Years went by and this thought stuck with me every time I heard a story like this speaker’s. Finally! It dawned on me that not only did I have a testimony to share, but I had one that others would be envious of. Being blessed your whole life is SO much better than going through drug withdrawal, giving up your out-of-wedlock baby, or reinstating yourself into society after a length of time in the slammer. Never having to go through that situation is the best thing a person could (not) experience! Who in their right mind would rather suffer these indignities instead of never having to deal with them to begin with!?

So yes, you are right. Don’t take that first step that will ultimately get you into trouble. If our Father in heaven saw it as a trap to stay away from, stay away!! Sure you may be missing some ‘pleasant’ experiences, but know that your pleasure (for a time) will suck you into something you don’t want. Someone said that sin will take you farther than you want to go, keep you longer than you want to stay, and cost you more than you want to pay.

Just realize there is a consequence to everything you do. Are you ready to pay for it?


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