My Sin, the Measure of God’s Love

So, just how big is God’s grace? Infinite!

The problem with infinite is that it is so big that I get no picture in my head.

Picturing grace is like picturing the national debt.

I might be able to picture a $1 million house and, with a lot of work, I might picture a subdivision with 1,000 such houses. And that would be a billion. Now if I try to imagine a thousand such subdivisions (I can’t), I would be at one trillion and am closer to the national debt.

It is like that with grace.

I can’t actually picture how big it is, but I do know, “It is bigger than that!” Bigger than all my sins. (Hard to imagine, huh?)

So why is it important for me to get a good picture of how big grace is?

As it turns out,

  • my gratitude,
  • my willingness to do what ever God asks while seeing it as reasonable,
  • my ability to not whine about the trials in my life,
  • my ability to not judge someone else as hopeless or worthless,
  • my ability to worship and glorified God by sharing with others examples of how great his grace is,
  • and my sense of personal worth

are all connected to seeing just how big a debt I owe and then that God’s grace is bigger than that!

The Bible says that if Abba, Father was willing to sacrifice his own son for me, how will he not also with him give me all things that I need. The sacrifice of Jesus on the cross for me was so huge that the entire universe is small by comparison. So, however big that is, I can rest in the fact that Grace is bigger than all my sin!

The problem is that I do not want to look at how big my sin is

All Scripture is profitable for doctrine, reproof, correction, instruction in righteousness, that I might be purified and given good work to do. Still I want to jump right from doctrine to ministry and forget all about reproof .

I don’t want to have to look at the details and enormity of my sin.

Yet there will be no correction without looking at what needs to be corrected. That would be like a surgeon trying to take out your appendix without making a diagnosis or looking at what he was doing.

Brace Yourself!

I have found that my sin is like an iceberg, 1/9th sticking out and 8/9ths waiting to pop out when the sun melts some of the visible part of the iceberg. I am willing to guess that that is true about your sin.

We are much worse that we think, but lighten up, his grace is bigger than the iceberg, even bigger than the whole glacier and the whole icepack. He can handle it if we allow him to bring it out into the sun.

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