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Sick People Need Doctors

Its me! It’s me! It’s me! Dear Great Physician, standing in the need of help!

Did you know that one quarter of the New Testament was written by a physician? Jesus himself claimed to be a physician. In Matthew 9:12, Mark 2:17, and Luke 5:31 he says: “Don’t you realize that well people don’t need a physician but sick people do?” This was in response to his being criticized for reaching out (as a physician) to obviously needy people who admitted their own need.

Did he imply that the Pharisees were healthier and did not need a physician?

I have often suggested that there are only three types of people in this world

  1. Messed up people who don’t believe that they are messed up.
  2. Messed up people who admit they are messed up but have given up and feel too damaged to bother trying to change.
  3. Messed up people who admit that they are messed up but have a sense of hope and dignity and reach out to the “physician” for help in changing and are a little less messed up and getting better all the time.

I found that you can ask almost anybody whether they want to grow and be happier and healthier, and they will all agree that that would be good.// However I have found that God does not help people who just want to grow and be healthier and happier. Sure when he was on earth his valuable time was constantly being eaten up by people demanding to be healed physically. He tried to avoid this by telling those he healed, not to tell anyone so that he would have time and energy to teach us about the real need: dealing with our sin.

God helps people who, number one, identify their own inner responses to life as what needs to change, people who want to change in order to help others, and who are desperate for that change.

Do you often feel that you are just the worst ever, too much water under the bridge, too messed up for God to use? Then you are God’s type of guy! As a physician, I take an almost perverse delight in the real tough cases that are going to stretch me and help me prove that I am a good doctor. I love to appeal to God on the basis of all the glory he will get when he fixes a mess such as I.

Do you wish that you could help the needy people around you more effectively? Then you’re God’s type of guy!

Do you feel desperate that something has to change? Then you are God’s type of guy!

“Great physician, like Isaiah, (Isaiah 6:5) In your presence I see my need for I am a man of unclean lips and dwell amongst a people of unclean lips. Please cleanse me with your purifying fire and then let me go for you into this needy world to bring the healing you want to bring.”

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Thank you teacher
I want to be a beacon for others but right now it would run them away. I need a lot of fixing first. There are at least five of me in here needing help


Ministry is not our job, it belongs to the Lord. It is our job to let God heal and teach and when we can share, “In my life I have found” then, trust me, God will bring opportunities to be a beacon. In his time and when he thinks you are ready. But you don’t have to bring good out of the evil in order to make God look good or make it all be OK. It is a great joy to God to have you let him bring healing to you.

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I agree it’s not my job to minister teacher. But isn’t it my obligation to shine a positive light and be a candle in the darkness for those who may need that little ray of goodness? Knowing and having experienced the depth of God’s healing power and divine love for me, is it not my obligation to somehow pass this knowledge to those unaware? I’m feeling certain it is. Namaste teacher.


I guess my concern is with the words “job” and “obligation” In I Corinthians 9:16 Paul speaks of the inner pressure to preach. Jeremiah tried not to preach because he kept getting attacked for it but when he tried not to preach his heart was as a burning fire and he had to preach. Jeremiah 20:9 The thing to remember is that the pressure is one of gratitude and love, not one of having to in order to earn or maintain God’s love. It is like the newlywed always talking about their loved one, or the mother talking about her children. Also, remember that the ministry and the results are Gods. If “peradventure” God might grant them the same blessing he led you to accept. 2 Timothy 2:25

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