I Corinthians 10:4 For the weapons of our warfare are not carnal, but mighty through God to the pulling down of strong holds.

What are my weapons?

First: watch for the ambushes and hiding places of the devil. Remember that he can present as an angel of light. 2 Corinthians 2:11

Don’t let the devil take advantage of you: for we are not ignorant of his devices. Ephesians 6;7-20

Take the whole armor of God.

How do I put them on?– Each morning remind myself that I have them.

Are they sharp?– Stay in the Word and ask the Holy Spirit to revel more and more about them.

How is my skill at wielding them? — Keep track each evening of the devil’s attacks that day and how God helped me and what I did to fight back.

Now don’t just defend–attack!–Add to my list of people to pray for and songs to sing and verses to quote.

The Bible says that the weapons of my warfare are mighty that when I attack the gates of Hell, they will crumble; then my weapons will tear down the devil’s strongholds; that, when I resist, the devil will flee!

In Revelation12:11 Overcome the devil with the word of your testimony, the blood of the lamb and not being afraid of death.

A: The word of my testimony. What is it that I need to testify to?” Hey devil, I have been saved from sin unto life eternal. . I wear the righteousness of Christ himself. I carry around with me TRUTH and I find in the word of God truth that is practical for reproof, correction, instruction in righteousness, purification and ministry. I am at peace with God and can tell others how to find this peace for themselves. So Hah!”

B. The blood of the lamb. I need to remind myself and the devil to “take it up with Jesus” When he accuses me and plants doubts (part of his job description that he does especially well) doubts that I am unable and unworthy, I reply, “Yes, I see where you are coming from but Jesus does not agree with you so go argue with him! How do I know? By faith he has recently helped me (Do, minister, obey, grow, rest, learn etc.). These faith actions come from him and he has the stamina to keep it up in my yielded body. He is the author and finisher of my faith. I have been bought with his blood and belong to him. So hah!” (Shield of faith)

C. Remind myself and the devil, “You can’t scare me. What can you do? Torture me slowly to death? Well, yeah. Make me look like a fool? Block me from opportunities to minister? But then what? I go to heaven and find greater treasure awaiting me. Yes I do worry that under your torture I might betray Christ, but he promises me to never leave me nor forsake me. He promises that nothing you can do can force me to sin. So hah! Go ahead threaten me with heaven and treasure!”

D. Counter attack! “Hah! Mr. devil, just for attacking me, I am going to pray for: my pastor, family members, the church, my country, missionaries etc. I am going to call someone and encourage them in the Lord. I am going to write a letter of gratitude to someone. I am going to meditate on my favorite Bible passages. I am going to tell fellow believers what God is doing in my life. I am going to ask for their prayers and wisdom and support. And, most of all, I am going to sing and make a joyful noise to the Lord. So take that and that and that!” (Sword of the spirit)

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