I God see you! Everywhere and anytime–there I am watching you!

Well, how do you feel about being watched at all time? ( Ps: don’t mention this to your psychiatrist, they may freak. )

Hopefully you feel comforted that there is no place or circumstance where you might be abandoned. Frankly there are times when I forget that he is watching me. He is the God who is there, both for me to reach out to for support and for me to reach out to for strength to resist sin.

Men love darkness, to not be seen and so that they can sin freely. They think, “What others don’t know cant hurt them or me. What happens in Las Vegas stays in Las Vegas”. But God sees them.

Courts often ask, “If a policeman was standing there would you have done that?” If you would have stopped, then the court considers you guilty. Even if there was no policeman, you should have refrained. Well I have a loving policeman watching all that I do and wanting to be a part of all I do. I need to act accordingly.

God often uses friends at church, family members and even enemies to remind us that we are seen, in order to help us stay on track. It seems that no matter where I am, someone, that I may not even recognize, comes up to me and says “Hey, you must be Dr. Bell, right?” I can tell you that that is helpful at keeping me in line. Now, if only I felt even stronger about God’s opinion than I do about aquaintances.

I have a need not only to be held accountable but to have others “see” ne without my cover ups; see the good and the bad, and like me anyways. I have a deep longing to be seen and loved anyways. I think this is what family is for, in part, to grant me the comfort of being seen fully and loved anyways. This helps me picture that Jesus sees and loves even me! If no one grants me the comfort of acceptance, or if they only like the surface me and reject the whole, still it is enough that Jesus sees all of me and loves me anyways.

Lord thank you for being the EL ROI who sees me and likes me anyhow and hope for my future and delights in my design.

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