What a brilliant plan! God designed people to pass on what they have learned and he designed children, ages 0 to12, to suck it up and hold on to it. Then , as a teen , they may add, to what they have learned, their own spin on things and they, as a young adult, they have to figure out how to fit it into society without causing too much trouble. Finally as parents they pass on their own take on things to their children. All of these steps are built into the changes that happen automatically in the brain of maturing people.

Unfortunately, we have lost the respect of parents and those who have gone before and we don’t care what society thinks either and we delegate the passing on of truth to others who have ungodly agendas.. This causes each generation to have to learn in the school of hard knocks rather than avoid those knocks by learning from the past. It also prevents the deeper wisdom that comes from accumulating ideas. Often a deep insight can only be reached by standing on the understanding of multiple previous generations. That is why the Bible is so crucial. It allows each generation to have a foundation of truth to build on and apply.

We throw out the music of our parents although our parents were fine with hymns written a thousand years ago we want everything new. We rewrite our countries history to deny the wisdom that they fought so hard to make practical and available to their children. We go on line and find groups that only repeat what we already believe and that affirm our broken way of life and we do not have to adjust. We feel no guilt at not speaking out loudly when our civilization is abandoning the truths of the past, because the primary, “virtue” is tolerance and “you have your truth and I have mine.” Judges 17:6

NO! truth is truth and there are benefits and losses that are inevitable if we apply or deviate from the truth. What I sow I will reap even if I believe sincerely the wrong thing it is still wrong and won’t work. Jesus says “I AM the way the truth and the life.” John 14:6 By listening to our parents and others, we were more likely to see and live in that truth.

We also lose the comfort of knowing that many godly people have walked this way before and are now with the Lord so that we are not alone, we are surrounded with a great cloud of witnesses letting us know what they experienced so that we can find encouragement in our own walk. Hebrews 12:1

“Lord, help me remain eager to learn from your Word, from the past, from the elders at church, from my parents and help me faithfully pass it on.

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