There is a whole discipline of helping people with moods and memory and reasoning by the use of music. We all know that the “first therapist” was David trying to help king Saul by playing calming music to him. We are commanded to sing in our hearts and make a joyful noise unto the Lord.My favorite Biblical use of music was when 3 enemy armies were coming to destroy Jerusalem and there was no way they could defend themselves. They cast themselves on the mercy of the Lord and he told them to just send the “Church choir” out to praise the Lord and he would take care of the rest. God arraigned for the 3 armies to start quarreling amongst themselves and killed each other off and all God’s people had to do was to pick up the spoil. 2 Chronicles 20

It is important to use healing music. Don’t forget that the devil was once Lucifer and he was himself a musical instrument and can use music to depress or agitate. If you want peace and logic then start with listening to music written by Mozart when he was a young boy. Listen to Gregorian chants and hum or sing hymns. A half hour a day will restore a troubled mind. Music is mathamatical and logical if written properly and will heal the logic and calming elements in your brain.

Write your own songs and sing to the Lord a joyful noise, sing a new song Psalm96:1

Write about how he has provided, guided, empowered, Psalm 21:13 supported you etc. Judges 5:3

Sing about his wonderful names and character, his holiness and mercy Psalm 18:49

Sing and play instruments if able Psalm 33:2

Meditate on the words in the hymns you sing Psalm 47:7 I Corinthians 14:15

Sing where others can hear you Psalm 57:9

I will sing to find the strength to keep my daily promises to him. Psalm 61:8

Join with others in singing but sing out loudly along with them Psalm 66:4

Sing of God’s love and his ways to our children. Psalm 89:1

Sing when I get old, sing everyday of my life. Psalm104:33

While singing, enjoy the moment and the pleasantness of singing. Psalm 135:3

Sing while falling asleep on my bed. Psalm149:5

Listen for the singing of the universe of the skies and woods and join in with their praise of God. Isaiah 49:13

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