OK, I know that is bad grammar, but why do I worry and is it healthy?

Worry, as a reaction to potential danger, is a God given gift. Children often don’t worry enough (especially teenagers).

Like all uncomfortable feelings, worry identifies a need and motivates us to deal with it. It is only a problem if

1. I don’t worry when I should (such as looking at doing things the world’s way and not being terrified at the inevitable consequences) Proverbs 14:12 There is a way that seems right to me but will bring death to me and mine. Galatians 6:7 When I sew that “tiny” seed I should look at the inevitable fruit. To do things my way and not reap death would be to make a fool of God, which will never happen.

2.I worry so much that I freeze and give up and don’t do the little that I can. Remember that courage in the battle is not how you feel inside but rather which direction I run–away from God and the battle, or towards God and the battle.

3. I get numb and just try to get rid of my fear rather than do my small part and give it to God.

4. I let the worries grab my focus and forget faith and God. Matthew 13:7,21 tribulation chokes out the word.

5.I try to deal with at least some of the problem. I Peter 5:7 I need to cast all my care on God , if I don’t, I must not think that He cares for me; or perhaps that he is incompetent to deal with my situation. (True, I must yield my body members instruments and slaves to God, I must “step out of the boat when called, but as soon as I have done my part I am OK, I can rest, I can throw my anxiety on him.(Even if I die or the city is taken) As a watchman on the wall, if I have cried out the warning, and nobody comes and the city falls–I am OK with God.

6.Worry lasts too long. The brain is designed to hypertrophy any part that is used a lot. Constant focus on pain causes constant focus on pain. (It’s called the Pain Syndrome) Constant focus on my fears causes constant focus on my fears.

Worry is driven by wanting the wrong thing!

Do I want comfort, security, control over my people and circumstances, fame, power, earthly significance, an earthly legacy? Then I should worry because none of these are promised me. I am told in Romans 8:35,36 that I might face tribulation, distress, persecution, famine, nakedness, peril, sword, as a powerless sheep, so if I want to avoid these I can find no comfort in God or his word. I need to be careful what I long for.

And God gave them what they wanted and their souls starved to death. Psalms 106:15

An old greek proverb says “When the gods want to punish a man, they give him what he wants”

To fight worry and find the peace that makes no earthly sense, Philipians 4:7 I need to want what God wants, want most of relationship with Him. I need to fear only sin and separation.

To fight worry and find peace , I must “fight fire with fire” I must drive out fear with fear! Fear only God and I need not fear anything else. “Since God is for me who can be against me? Nothing can be against me.

If I try not to have anxiety, I will not take care of problems or find reason to run to God. When fear arises I need to ask God what He wants me to do/ I need to do the little that I can/ I need to rejoice in the privilege of being a fellow servant, soldier and sufferer with Jesus/ I need to even thank him for the problem with worry/ I need to assure myself that further worry is not profitable and focus on the next task at hand.

2 replies on “WHY ME WORRY?”

I have to admit that when I post and get no responses, it is difficult for me to motivate to post more. The Lord tells me to do it just for my own benefit, and of course he is right but your comment is encouraging. If you have any specific questions or situations you would like me to share my ramblings in a blog, please please let me know. I find that answers to questions stick better than random truth people don’t know that they need.


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