Faith vs. Presumption/ Hubris

I have heard a lot of Christians saying that,even though they are vulnerable to severe illnesses if they caught covid19, they are going to show their faith by not taking precautions,by hugging friends at church and not wearing a mask.

Is it a sin to wear a mask? Have we been asked to wear them by legitimate authorities? My wife Lois, says,”If an authority in family church work or government asks me to do something that isn’t sin,then it is sinning against Gods right to guide me through them, if I refuse or comply with a bad attitude.

If they ask me to sin, I must say,”Sorry “ then appeal with a good attitude. (See my blog under tools on appealing.)

If I take risks for my comfort or convenience and expect God to back me up, and call this,”faith “ it is actually the sin of using God’s power for my personal comfort. (See Jesus’sresponse to turning stones into bread, or jumping off the temple to impress people.


Doing what God asks of me and taking proper precautions and making proper provisions then trusting that whether I live or die either will be fine.

The Christian soldiers guarding Jerusalem said it was faith to take on the enemy without proper rest and provisions because,”God is on our side.” They died.

I went witnessing in the Chicago projects because God asked me to, and I was rebuked by church members for endangering myself.

Please practice social distancing but boldly witness to all no matter how scary.

4 replies on “Faith vs. Presumption/ Hubris”

Hey, good to hear from you! My mind always works better with questions or situations. Got any good ones to bounce off of me so I can ramble away in my next blog?


You keeping on blogging like this has motivated me to reach out to a friend I wrongly rejected. I met you in 2016. Thanks for your making me aware I could still do some good in the world.


Well, part of the good the Lord is using you to do is to encourage me as this blog/ podcast thing is like talking into space. Remember that if you have any specific questions or situations, I love to take my next blog and cover what I think God says about them.


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