Jesus ‘ Favorite?

On vacation I saw a tourist with a shirt that read, “Jesus loves you but I ‘m his favorite!”

I loved it because it spoke to me. I even bought the T shirt and wore it.

How do you react to the thought?

Deep in my heart I tend to feel the opposite, that God loves everyone else, that they are special and that I am invisible and valued only as a tool to help others. So where does that leave me now that I’m out of work.

Now,in my head I know that God is so big that (Unlike powerful humans who can’t care about the little things) God counts the hairs of my head.

I have to focus on one person exclusively in order to love them fully,but God! He can have me as his favorite and everyone else also.

In Sunday school class I would quickly agree that when I disagree with God, I am wrong and he is right. Now I just need to agree with him in everyday life.

I need to recall that “Where my treasure is, my heart will follow. This means picturing that if I am his favorite, how should I then live? Be bold? Sing in the valley? Take time to rest? Be at peace no matter what? I then need to act in the fact and let his love heal my hurt.

Friend, may you act in the fact that you are his favorite also?

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