ONLY What’s Done For Christ Will Last!

I did this blog twice and it disappeared.

I guess that is a good metaphor for how I feel these days. After 21 years my work decided that they no longer needed me.

My natural response? Feel worthless, hurt, review all the things that I thought they should have been more grateful for, be a little upset at God, worry about the future etc.

The Lord had two people that I been used to help, encourage me. One just shared that they had been helped and the other reminded me to practice what I preach.

So I:

  1. Thanked God for being laid off.
  2. Cast on him my cares as they pop up.
  3. Let myself grieve the loss of ministry and friends. (We Christians do morn but with hope.
  4. Hung out with Hope and my other grandchildren.
  5. Jumped in to do what little I could.
  6. Brought family and friends into the faith valley so all of our faith will be strengthened when we see how it turns out.
  7. So pray with me for peace and discernment of the path he wants me to walk.

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