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God loves “Hall Monitors”

Recently I was in line at a grocery store when the lady in front of me went around the plastic shield with a mask just covering only her chin and got within 2 feet of the poor checkout lady to ask a question. I asked her to stop endangering the life of the nice checkout lady and keep her distance and use the mask properly. Of course she just became angry and the rather large man behind me said, “No one likes a hall monitor!” I wanted to say that if he had cooperated with his hall monitors, he might have wound up with an education. The Lord helped me keep it to myself, (and his imposing size contributed)

However I had to think. What does the Lord feel about hall monitors?

When Cain tried the cop-out of, “Am I my brothers keeper?” The obvious answer is YES you are! If a brother is overtaken in a fault those of us who by the grace of God are more spiritual must attempt to restore such a one with a spirit of meekness taking heed to ourselves so that we don’t wind up excusing the same behavior in ourselves. If Adam had rebuked Eve and refused to eat, we would all have been better off! God really liked it when Pheneas saw a brother Israelite going into a tent to fornicate with a Midianite lass; he took a spear and “monitored” them to death. (Now don’t go around saying that I recommend all godly Christians to spear fornicators.) But God was tired of people doing nothing. Numbers 25

Remember that God sometimes chooses a sample case to show us how he feels about all sin and obedience. These examples such as Annanias and Saphira were not worse than I, or more deserving of wrath. “There, but for the grace of God go I!” (John Bradford)

I like the quote , “All it takes for evil to triumph is for good men to do nothing!” (John Stuart Mill) Perhaps the main triumph of current evil is to suggest that the greatest “sin” is to speak out against sin and to warn others that they are breaking God’s laws and will pay unless they cast themselves on God’s mercy and beg the blood of Jesus to do the paying. Galatians 6:7

An evangelist was crossing a long flat bridge in Florida and did not know that a section was missing. He saw a wild man with no shirt and long hair jumping around in his lane and remembered that the state prison was at one end of the bridge and the state psychiatric hospital at the other. However he could not drive over the man and had to stop about 20 feet from his own demise. He then got out and joined the other man in “being a hall monitor” and telling others that their behavior is wrong.

It is actually treating others with respect when we warn them because we assume that they are, “simple fools” who just don’t know their situation and might benefit from the warning.

The police are getting a lot of flak these days and they are God’s hall monitors placed there to restrain wild dangerous human behavior. We must pray for and support them or pay with anarchy. I Timothy 2:2 Human behavior is desperately wicked and we are not basically good at heart as the liberals want to believe. Jeremiah 17:9

After all we are called to be witnesses , what is a Witness other than a hall monitor sharing our own experience and calling out warnings to a blind and needy world. And yes, his hall monitors, the prophets, were often killed for it but then what? God always has the last word.

I just have to remember that my goal is the other persons welfare,their restoration. Even when Paul counseled the church to deliver a sinner to satan to destroy the flesh, his goal was the mans’ repentance. I Corinthians 5:5

When being a hall monitor I must watch out for the beam in my own eye so that I may take better care of their speck. Or I may wind up excusing an even worse sin in myself. Matthew 7:5, Galatians 6:1

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