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Have you ever wished that God would just take away one of your problem reactions to life and make it easier for you to be good? Do you struggle with anger, constantly finding fault with what everyone around you does? Does it happen as naturally as “falling of a log”? Do you struggle with sexual […]

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I JUST CAN’T TAKE IT ANYMORE There are different types of tiredness, there is the physical exhaustion of our energy or concentration which demands a good night sleep or a good meal or some quiet time with the Lord. Then there is the soul tiredness which comes from going beyond our part and taking responsibility […]

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The Easy Yoke, Light Burden

When should I cast my cares on Jesus, and when, instead, do I join him in his agonized praying? I have often said that I can always tell when I have crossed the line and gone to meddling with God’s part of any situation; When I feel oppressed. Yet the Lord doesn’t say that he […]

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In Matthew 5 we are told to watch out for three things in regards to disapproving of  another. 1. Take it all personally and jump to the conclusion that they are purposely doing things to hurt us and others and therefore as the righteous judge we have every right to be angry with them. “How […]

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Boy, that title even rhymes! The Bible is full of bizarre suggestions, “Do the opposite of your natural inclination and it will work.” Such as: Choose to walk two miles when forced to walk one! When struck on one cheek, do not defend or counter-attack. Roll with it and try to find out where the […]

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Angry with God? You sure?

Did you know that God likes it when we are angry with him? For I wish that you were either hot or cold, but you are lukewarm, so I will vomit you out of my mouth. Read Jeremiah 20. Even Jonah was mad at God for not obliterating his enemies. God still listened and talked […]

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Heave Your Heavy Burdens On Him

He really does care for you. Let’s consider our tendency to grab each piece of life and turn it into a burden that crushes. How? By taking responsibility onto myself to figure it all out, fix it in my own strength, decide what is best, and worry how the result will make me look and […]

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Burnout-Normal For Caring Christians?

I’m wondering how do I get to the point of BURNOUT : For which cause I faint not; but though my outward man perish, yet the inward man is renewed day by day. for my light affliction, which is but for a moment, worketh for me a far more exceeding and eternal weight of glory; […]

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The Bad Attitude Obeyer

One of the devil’s favorite techniques is to tell me to obey God and then he gives his own definition as to what obedience looks like. This puts us me a bind. If I try to “obey” the devil’s description it would mess up my life, but, if I don’t “obey,” I feel that God […]

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Already Immortal

I was talking to someone concerned that they would get bored being immortal living with God. What would we do for all eternity? Of course, they were thinking of eternity on this planet surrounded by sin and struggling with their own sinful tendency to be stressed. Stress that comes from striving to be strong and […]