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I’m Really That Messed Up? Cool!

Let’s Watch God Work! A friend writes: (Excellent! I have something that I’d love to see a blog on.) Do you ever notice how we, although imperfect beings, tend to have MUCH higher expectations of ourselves than we do others? We “excuse” others because we know that “nobody’s perfect,” yet the same behavior in ourselves […]

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Codependency-my heart problem

Pastors often point out that there should be a difference in what we say and do as a result of a relationship with God. True, but my problem is that my saying and doing naturally LOOK is the inner chatter–the HEART–that is the problem. You see, I was born “nice”. I spent my youth […]

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GOD’S GIFT-irritating people?

The Scriptures can be easily misapplied. Peter pointed out that Paul had written some tough things that people had twisted. The devil often leads us to a definition that is slightly twisted, can’t be applied, or would lead to disaster. For example, he will define forgiveness as not having any leftover pain and as not […]

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Have you ever wished that God would just take away one of your problem reactions to life and make it easier for you to be good? Do you struggle with anger, constantly finding fault with what everyone around you does? Does it happen as naturally as “falling of a log”? Do you struggle with sexual […]

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Everyone receives enough grace from God to admit, “I am messed up and need help” and to, then, cooperate with that help! As a severe co-dependent, I love to let everyone off the hook. If I were the judge in the last day, I would go up to the last person in line and say […]

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The Easy Yoke, Light Burden

When should I cast my cares on Jesus, and when, instead, do I join him in his agonized praying? I have often said that I can always tell when I have crossed the line and gone to meddling with God’s part of any situation; When I feel oppressed. Yet the Lord doesn’t say that he […]

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JUST SILLY, ACCEPTING WORTH IS THE GREATEST HUMILITY QUESTION: I often notice how I tend to have MUCH higher expectations of myself than I do others? I “excuse” others because I know that “nobody’s perfect”, yet the same behavior in myself is absolutely inexcusable.  Why am I so much harder on myself than I ever […]

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Getting Rid Of The Dark

A sister in Christ writes: “I have so many character flaws that I am aware of more now. I am trying to work on them slowly. Not so easy. One is negativity. Another is trust, which I haven’t started on yet. “Want to overcome the negative the best I can first. I have many, many, […]

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So many people struggle with problems that have lasted a long time. Often they hang on by focusing on the hope that things will get better in the near future, then if things don’t get better they can become bitter. Meanwhile they are waiting till things get better before grabbing ahold of life. Joni Erickson […]

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DRIVING WHILE RESTING, CARING AND CALM, DOING AND LETTING GO “As I read your blog post an example that came to my mind. Have you seen the movie “Schindler’s List”? At the end, Oscar Schindler is with some of the Jews he rescued. Schindler is weeping. He pulls of his wristwatch and says he could’ve […]