Me? Be Perfect? Ha! It’s Grace

The sermon on the mount is full of wisdom and balance for weak people walking in an impossible world. So why does God say BE YE THEREFORE PERFECT!  “How perfect, you ask?” AS PERFECT AS I AM PERFECT! He responds. Seems like a lot for a weak person to pull off. What is your personal […]

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Boy, that title even rhymes! The Bible is full of bizarre suggestions, “Do the opposite of your natural inclination and it will work.” Such as: Choose to walk two miles when forced to walk one! When struck on one cheek, do not defend or counter-attack. Roll with it and try to find out where the […]

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Blessings On The Little Guy

You And Me! (weak, untrained, troubled, ignored, etc.) Are you weak? Awesome, then join me in bringing God glory through our weakness. The Marines are looking for a few “good men”. God is looking for the weak–me and you! The Bible says that not many strong, not many wise in this world’s opinion, not many […]

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Pain: Chronic Unfixable

When I started in medicine many years ago, we were only able to relieve the depression and anxiety or chronic pain in about 40% of sufferers. However, we did much better in comforting and supporting the ones who couldn’t find relief in medication. Now we have much better % of people who find relief but […]