Comfort Grace



“As I read your blog post an example that came to my mind. Have you seen the movie “Schindler’s List”? At the end, Oscar Schindler is with some of the Jews he rescued. Schindler is weeping. He pulls of his wristwatch and says he could’ve sold it and saved another life. He points to his car and laments that it could’ve bought several lives. He saved 1,200 Jews from the Holocaust but regretted that he didn’t save more.When I get to the end of my life, what will I see so clearly that I failed to exhaust all my energy and resources in accomplishing?

MY THOUGHTS: Does this person have a burden or is he trying to be perfect and justifying works with the importance of the task? I used to have a radio program in Anchorage AK but it was not a live call in show. I always worried that when I emphasized GRACE the ones, who needed to grow and do more, would listen to the grace part and let GRACE ABOUND so that they didn’t need to grow: and the ones who needed to rest in GRACE would, instead, beat themselves up for not growing faster and doing more. How can we seize all that God has for us without becoming tense in the process?

I think that part of the answer is in keeping our focus in the here and now and keeping our NOW eyes open to what Jesus is up to and then GRABBING IT WITH GUSTO!

Take every thought into captivity, watch and pray lest you enter into temptation, take heed etc.

1.FIRST I NOTICE (hopefully without yelling at myself) “Lord, there I go again letting my thoughts wander to the problems of tomorrow, reviewing the past, fussing with what is happening elsewhere, worrying about changing other people with their specks in their eyes, defending myself, sticking my head in the sand, stuffing my feelings, blaming my failures on others, explaining away my behavior etc.”

2.THEN I ASSURE MY HEART IT IS OK TO QUIT FUSSING by asking “Lord, anything you want me to do about what I am focused on right now?” If not, I say to my heart, “it is OK to let it go.”

3.THEN I REFOCUS “Lord show me WHAT you have given me, WHO you have given me, and what you have placed in front of me to DO.”

4.THEN I ENGAGE the WHAT, WHO, and DO “with all my might”.

a.  SAVOR WHAT I HAVE , my food clothes shelter (and therewith be content, godliness with contentment is great gain)

b.  LOVE AND ENGAGE WITH THOSE GOD HAS GIVEN ME, build them encourage them, receive from them and give to them invest in them.

c. BE A DYNAMIC DOER OF WHATEVER YOUR HAND FINDS TO DO. Eccl 9. In the “game of life” I pound my bat on the base, try for the home-run, cheer till I am hoarse, do a slider, thump some backs. People should consider me their favorite “Christian nutcase” and be asking me to give and explanation for the hope that oozes out of me.

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