Life Challange

Positional facts

What does it take to be a US citizen? Well, for most of us we just had to be born here. Then certain rights are ours. We have a right to vote, to get a high school education, to run for president (Oh, great privilege there!)

When we are born into God’s family, certain “rights” become ours, not from what we do but from where we are. Jesus says in John 14:20 that we are in him and he is in us and we are in the Father.

I heard of a boy that was orphaned and lived by his wits on the streets of Mexico City till he was 7. He then was adopted by a single lady in the US. Now he had a secure home, food, educational help, attention, clothes etc. but he did not feel like it. He would hide food so that he would not starve. He would wince and duck if his new mother wanted to tostle his hair and he just could not relax in his new “positional” truths.

I too am God’s adopted boy and have trouble resting in the fact that God loves me. I still feel as if I must earn it and maintain it and that, even then, I will fall short and be rejected.

But in Jesus, I am immortal, bought with an infinite price so am of infinite worth, empowered with the Holy Spirit who is in me, and greatly loved by God.

The problem with positional truth is that if it does not feel true. So what can be done to make it feel more true? Let’s say that I developed a great longing to be in Grand Rapids Michigan. But I am in Grand Rapids. If I did not feel like I was what could I do? I could go out and run around the block a few times but the neighborhood could be anywhere so I would probably feel the same. I must figure out something to do that is special to being in Grand Rapids and then go do it. I could visit the Gerald Ford Museum or go fishing at the rapids downtown etc.

It is the same with abiding in Jesus and in the Father. I need to act in the fact and invest treasure in the fact that I am in Jesus. Then where my treasure is, my heart will follow. I need to minister to others from the wealth I have in Jesus. I need to rest in my security, casting all my care on the one who cares for me. I need to give from my abilities and receive in my weakness knowing that my worth does not come from others’ gratitude or opinions. As it says in John 15:4 I can only bear fruit by abiding, resting, as a branch in the vine, in Jesus. And he abides in me when his words abide in me and I live by them. I need to recall that Jesus is the Logos, the living word of God.

Thank you, Lord, that I am in you and who shall be able to pluck me from your hand? No one and nothing!

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