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Trust my heart?

The following is my poem based on I John 3:19-21 Which I now paraphrase

(When my heart is not sure that I am of the truth, even when my heart condemns me, I need to remind myself that my opinion does not count! I remember one person who said, “I can’t accept a God who would accept a sinner as bad as I am.” God might see that I have sinned royally, but he is greater than my heart and knows so very much more. He knows that I am bought with the infinite price of his son’s blood. A price that is greater than all my sins! He knows that I have asked for forgiveness and that he has granted it and that it is mine whether I feel it or not. He sees me future perfect, in heaven forever as his bride. He knows that he is able, and will, present me to himself, not having spot or wrinkle or any such thing, holy and without blemish. Ephesians 5:27

However, there is one cost of my not agreeing with God that I am forgiven. That cost is a loss of confidence and of boldness to ask him for things. I then have not because I ask not and he is just waiting for me to ask. James 4:2)

The tempter whispers in my heart

Are you sure you even made a start?

You never do the things you should,

You never do what Jesus would!

You are a mess! A hopeless case!

The very worst of Adam’s race!

Yes, in God’s race, no point to run,

Just give it up and have some fun!

Then, off to rot in hell with me

Away from God’s eternity:


God is greater, than my self-hate.

He just does not agree with me,

He knows I’m his, he’s set me free.

Now, if I’d just agree he’s right,

I’d find my courage and my might.

Lord, hold my hand, stand by my side

And help me crush this awful pride

Help me accept, “my heart is just plain wrong.”

Accept your grace, live in it’s song.

Oh, all the things that we will do

When I admit

That I’m false and You are true

One reply on “Trust my heart?”

What torture we put ourselves through when we don’t accept–or realize!–the loving kindness of our God! The human heart knows instinctively that we are not acceptable beings in any arena, and it yearns for the completeness only the Creator can offer. Like anything else in the spiritual realm, receiving His love is a choice we have to make constantly, for the enemy dribbles his poison on a continual basis to turn us away from true Life. Thank God for His Word and the people who believe it!


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