Worship the Foot Washer

God’s ways are not my ways, neither are his thoughts my thoughts. For as the heavens are higher than the earth (this is an infinite distance) so are God’s ways higher than my ways.

When I was in the Air Force I was told that an officer never asks his men to do anything he has not himself done. In fact it is best to demonstrate your willingness as an officer to do something before you ask the men to do it. God is like that, there is nothing he asks me to do that he has not done himself both as an example and to help me not feel like I am above doing it.

So what are some of the things that I need to be doing if I am going to be Christlike and if others are going to see Christ in me? How might I let my light shine in such a way that people see what I do and see Christ instead of seeing me?

I can start by washing people’s feet. Of course, if I went up to people with the basin and a towel and said, “Do you mind if I wash your feet?” they would probably think I was a pervert. However, I can pick up their mess, wash their dishes, and for the old I can even give them a bath and clean them when they are soiled.

They called him names like Beelzebub and he did not call them names back. He said, “Father forgive them for they do not know what they do!” When I am called names I can pray for them and “bless” them by looking for good things about them to point out and appreciate. If they gossip about me, I can tell others the good things that I have noticed about them.

When dragged before the court, Jesus stayed calm and did not rant or rave. When I am attacked I can listen and stay quiet.

Being totally equal with God the father, he did not think that his rights were something to cling to, but humbled himself and took upon himself the form of a servant. I can watch for my tendency to get all clingy about my “rights” and instead look for ways to serve.

Sometimes I am not so sure that I want to be like Jesus. I know I am not strong enough, but that I can do all things through and by him. I do want to let my light shine in such a way that people see Jesus in me. Lord, help me to see that being like you is a glorious privilege even when it is uncomfortable.

2 replies on “Worship the Foot Washer”

I believe the goal for every Believer is to reflect the Jesus in them. Fortunately (or maybe not) that does happen without the voluntary intent of that person. Each word, every action, even the his/her thought processes show what that person is truly made of. Thank God we have a lifetime to work our way toward that ultimate goal!


And then we shall be like him for we shall see him face to face. Have you checked out my lie/ truth flashcards? They are new and I will be adding to them but I crave suggestions and creative criticism to improve their usefulness. Don’t forget to tell others about my site.


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