Negative Arrogance?

Anytime I say, “I am the only one in the universe who…”

I am being arrogant.

The scriptures say that there is no trial I face that everyone does not go through similar trials. Everyone struggles with similar weaknesses, feels similar pain.

To think that anything is true for just me, is clearly arrogant.

For example: Thinking that what I have done is so bad that it is unforgivable. Yet when I see someone else who has done the same thing, I clearly understand that they are forgivable. Thinking that God’s ways and his truth works for other people, but, in my case, it just does not work. Thinking that I have done my part and God just did not come through probably because my efforts were just not enough, but God comes through for others.

What helps me and many of the people I work with, is to ask myself the following powerful question, “What advice would I give someone else? Someone exactly like me, in the same position, with the same struggles, facing the same challenges?”

I would probably give them wise advice as to their worth, as to hope, as to resting in God’s grace, as to it being okay to ask for and receive help from others etc. etc.

However, I then think, “In my case it’s different!”

Logically, either something is true for everybody or nobody. Either everybody in my situation is worthwhile or no one is, there is hope for everyone or no one. God can forgive everyone or no-one. I do not get to be the only exception.

Prayer: “Lord help me to apply your grace to myself, to see that, because of grace, I am forgiven, empowered, and secure/just as everyone who asks you for forgiveness and grace, is forgiven, empowered, and secure.”

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