One of the many paradoxes of the Biblical walk is, the need to “shoot for the stars and feel good if you get to the treetops”.

In shooting for the stars God says that I should be as perfect as he is perfect. Even if I read the word “perfect” as “mature” it is still a tall order for me to be as mature as God is mature. Still way beyond my reach.

The easy mistake is to water down his rules to versions that I think that I can accomplish. I replace the word impossible with difficult and then try to reach that so that I can take credit and compare with others and feel in control.

A Christian should never say “difficult” but rather “impossible”. We divide things into what I can handle and what I can’t. The Bible says that without Christ I can do nothing so where is the divide? In even the smallest tasks I need to pray the three fold reminder, (Lord I can’t-help/ but you can-thanks,/I need to move my body parts in accordance to a growing picture of God’s ways in action–so show me how you want me to act.)

The other mistake is to leave God’s rules where they belong–in the impossible category, and then not even try to obey.

No I must obey and try the impossible and see it’s value despite its feebleness and imperfections. Because, when I try, God meets me there and adds his power to my efforts to accomplish the impossible.

The purpose of “Spiritual perfectionism” is to keep me from doing anything in my own strength or by my lonesome self. Instead I need to do all things as “fellow” laborer together with Christ, fellow soldiering along, fellow suffering the wrath of the world and finally fellow enjoyer of eternal blessedness in heaven.

Remember when the early believers prayed and Peter was released from the impossible prison? Remember how shocked they were that their prayers had been heard? Well that is how I feel every time that I do anything because of the foolish feeling that I have to generate some “faith” before God’s strength kicks in. The mere act of praying and testifying and teaching is what faith is all about.

Dear Lord help me to step out and try the impossible and please add your power to my feeble efforts.

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