It seems that we have two choices in life: to give up my unique personality and gifts and “fit in” or to be who God designed and intended me to be and not “fit in”. Then when the inevitable struggles of life pop up I think, like Elijah, “Poor me I’m the only one. I’m out here all alone and no one understands me.” Well, frankly I don’t understand me either. Why do I tend to do what I don’t really want to do and know it is not in my own best interest and do not consistently do what I know would be healthy and proper? And, “all alone?” Ultimately I belong to a large group of people who are living the uniqueness of their God design, so how can I be alone in so large a group? The Lord said to Elijah, “What are you doing here sulking in the middle of nowhere? Get up and listen to my still small voice. I have over 7000 that have not bowed the knee to Baal. Now go for me and get to work. I Kings 19:14-18 Romans 11:4

Which picture is more beautiful? A 150 lb. eyeball or 150 lbs of body pieces fitted together and working together in a living human body? 150 lbs of unique body parts divided and scattered around the room, or those same parts together accepting each other, guarding each other’s dignity and affirming each other’s worth? I Corinthians 12:17 God wants us to delight in each other’s differences and to give and receive from each others gifts. No comparing! The Bible says all comparing is foolishness. 2 Corinthians 10:12

I have learned and continue to learn to delight in my unique design, to delight in others unique design and try to give and receive in a united body of unique people. This often leaves me standing alone because so many people want to “fit in” by suppressing their special gifts and they find my stance to be frightening. They do not realize that they are rebelling against God’s right to design some clay pots this way and some that way.

“Lord, thank you for: how old I am, my gender, my family of origin, my height, my IQ, my time in history, my appearance, my personality, my gifts, in fact for all the unchangeable things that make me unique, make me stand out, and make me useful to you and others.

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