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I think that the problem starts with assuming that, “Well, I am perfectly sane and those people don’t agree with me so they must be insane.” The truth is that we are all, naturally insane! So why do we whine about human beings doing insane things? What else could they do! Insane people do and think insane things.

Hopefully you can see the flaw in that reasoning. Of course, it is the assumption that I can trust my own reasoning. In Isaiah 55 God tells me to let go of my thoughts and seek the Lord’s thoughts if I want to do well because: my thoughts are not the same at all. He then reached for an analogy as to the enormous difference between his thinking and mine. He came up with my thoughts are like walking around on the earth while his are even higher than traveling the whole universe. As an amateur astronomer, I can see that his thoughts are way way beyond mine.

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The problem is that my thoughts “feel” so logical. Our brains do not naturally question their own perception. In Proverbs 14:12, (And just to make sure I get it he repeats himself in Proverbs 16:25) God warns me that certain approaches to life seem right to me but lead to death. I am told in Proverbs 3:5 that I can’t both lean on my own faulty view of things and trust in the Lord at the same time. Jeremiah 9:23 God warns me,” don’t glory in your wisdom but use your brain to know and understand me.”

I might even experience my surface thinking to be all fluffy good kind and nice but the really important thoughts are the inner imaginations the mumbling heart thoughts that rumble below the surface; the “yes but” responses to God’s thoughts, the things that I fantasize and imagine, Genesis 6:5. ALL scripture will reprove me, according to 2 Timothy 3:16, so if I read it and it does not point out that my way is crazy and needs to change and grow—then I did not pay attention. Having brain to think I do not think, because who wants to see that they can’t even trust their own brain?

So is there a problem with getting educated? God tells me that by itself gathering knowledge and thinking skills (Knowledge) that are not leading to seeing things his way and knowing him more intimately, (Wisdom) just puffs me up. I Corinthians 8:1 Though I speak more eloquently than an angel it is just an irritating clanging in his ears without love. I could understand all mysteries and know everything and be able to teach others but it is pointless without Agape–my love to God and the love of God in me and through me to others. It is worth noting that our young churched people go off to college and abandon God and his ways because they are blinded by the brilliant fools, Psalm 53:1, who spout beautiful lies. Saint Augustine 1700 years ago pointed out that just because someone is eloquent and personable does not mean they are correct. However young people do not want to be Berean and check things out with God and his word, no they want to be the boss of their own life and the professors spouting that life makes sense without God give them permission to indulge their lusts for control power and sex. 2 Peter 3:3

So what is the answer? I need to ask for God to make me humble, ie. to see my intense insanity,( The higher one’s IQ the greater the insanity–unless God intervenes) and to see my worth and dignity and the enormous privilege of being helped to see as he sees. I Chronicles 28:9 For the Lord searches my heart and understands all the imaginations of my thoughts but if I seek him to know him and use my brain to marvel at his wisdom, then he will be found. Proverbs 3: 6 In every single thing that I do my object, my goal must be to get to know Jesus personally and then he will direct my paths. Psalm 139:23,24 “Search me, O God, and know my inner chatter: check me out and see my thoughts for you look on the heart not the outside and see all the wicked ways in me and then lead me out into your light!”

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