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He sure is not one or the other. I love it when Joshua meets the pre-incarnate Jesus, (This is when everyone else falls on their face and Jesus has to say, “Don’t worry I love you get up”) Not Joshua, he wants to know who’s side Jesus is on. I love the Lord’s reply, “Why I am on my side of course. Joshua 5:13,14 Then Joshua fell on his face and worshiped.

We get so worried about the politics as if any power comes into existence without God knowing and allowing it. Romans 13:1

God clearly wants us to care for the poor and needy which is what the Democrats claim that they want. He tells us that if we have two coats then share one and don’t tell a starving person, “God bless you” and not help them get something to eat. He was always healing the sick and feeding the hungry but he knew that this would not really help unless they dealt with their sin and accepted the gospel. Luke 7:22 Tell John the baptist that too the poor the good news is being preached and oh, by the way, blind, lame, deaf and dead people’s needs are being met also.

And how does he tell us to evaluate if someone is really needy? Well a widow should be taken care of by the church unless she has family. Even if she has a nephew, he should take care of her first. Also, while being provided for she should spend her time in ministry and prayer. I Timothy 5 :4

As is always the case, we humans get everything backwards! His ways are really not our ways. The Democrats go to the weak, poor and needy and say, “Trust us you deserve to be cared for without being expected to do anything in return. We will take other people’s money and give it to you because you are a poor victim. They should be talking to those with resources to help out and talking to the “victims” to do their part as well.

The Republicans should be talking to themselves to be more grateful and to really care about the needy. Instead they tend to say “those people are just lazy, they should get it the way I did, I did it myself. I thank God I am not like those lazy people and now I have enough so eat drink and be merry.” Luke 12:19, Luke 18:11, I Timothy 6:17,18, Charge those who have this worlds goods to first make sure not to feel superior, next to never trust in the things that you have or in your money but trust in God from whom true riches come, next they should do good works and to joyously and freely give to those in need both things and friendship.I John 3:17,18, Don’t let your good intentions be all words but let them become actions and in truth. If the love of God dwells in us we can’t help but help others. If I don’t feel a burden for the needy and claim I am full of God’s love–I lie” James 2:15-17 Comforting words are useless if not accompanied with practical actions. Without faith it is impossible to please God and faith always results in practical actions when there are needy people around.

God wants us to share with the needy but not in such a way that it makes them slaves of the government and unable to care for themselves. Guess what? Walking the tightrope of a godly response to life requires keeping my focus on the Lord and asking for guidance and self-examination. We would rather point fingers blame and give up rather than ask God what he is up to in giving us the leaders that we have.

As for me, due to the offering their babies to the no-god Molech in the name of babies are a hardship rather than a blessing, I am more a Republicrat against abortion but for practical help to help people help themselves.

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