A poem based on I John 3:19=21

The tempter whispers in my heart

You sure you even made a start?

You never do the things you should,

You never do what Jesus would!

You are a mess! A hopeless case!

The very worst of Adam’s race!

Yes, in God’s race, no point to run,

Just give it up and have some fun.

Them off to rot in hell with me

Away from God’s eternity:


God is greater than my self-hate.

He just does not agree with me,

He know I’m his, He’s set me free.

Now if I’d just agree he’s right,

I’d find my courage and my might.

Come, hold my hand, stand by my side

And help me crush this awful pride

Accept my heart is just plain wrong

Accept your Grace,live in it’s song.

Oh, all the things that we will do

When I admit/ I’m false and You are true

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