PHILEO friend of God

God, I know you love me

Because your name is love.

And, in your love, you acted

and left your home above.

Your blood poured out to cleanse me

and make me pure within.

You are the greatest giver,

gave me freedom from my sin.

When I was still your enemy

you chased me down and set me free.

And, as a loving father you chasten and you guide

and through each fearsome valley, you’re walking at my side.

You are the one who’s always there,

You always see, You always care.

For all these things, and so much more,

You are my all, my open door.

I am so very grateful, You took me as your son.

I know you love and care and guide

There’s just one more thing, one thing beside

My precious one, who dwells inside.

Just one more thing can it be true?


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