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Seventy times seven

No I’m not talking about forgiveness per se. Just talking about the very real human tendency to have to retake lesson 101 over again, especially when it comes to taking our hands off the wheel of our life and resting in our Lord’s driving skills He is invisible after all!

Grand canyon pic

Allegory: ( A lady fell over a cliff and grabbed ahold of a branch sticking out from the precipice. The branch was slowly loosening and she was screaming for help, when she heard a comforting voice saying, “Be at peace my child, I am your heavenly father, trust me and let go of the branch and my great invisible hands are under you and will catch you.” She looked down and saw the jagged rocks waiting hungrily below and cried out, “Anyone else up there?”)

I drive-it goes badly-I take my hands off the wheel but as I approach a scary turn-I grab the wheel again-it goes badly. When will I ever learn?

Remember: the grain of mustard seed faith is “I can’t see how His way can work but I sure know that my way can’t!

I had a counselor friend who gave godly advice for a living. She was driving down the road near Anchorage and caught herself twisting her hair  (a sure sign that she was tense). She realize that she was worrying about her family and about things that there was-

Nothing she was to go and do about it right then.

So she apologized to the Lord and cast her care on Him. Not 5 minutes later she was back at twisting her hair and worrying. She then started worrying about her worrying and beating herself up over her beating herself up! She then chose the only reasonable response to all of this and started laughing hysterically at how ludicrous we humans are.

Thank you Lord for loving us even when we can’t remember to rest in that love for more than 2 minutes and thank you that that love is still there undiminished and that your love is greater than my heart!

I was talking to a brother today about Peter being his favorite apostle because he was so HUMAN and God used him. As humans we are made of dust and God is not surprised when you relapse after 2 minutes but he delights in our willingness to get back up and chose him again. Don’t you just like Peter, and benefit from his story. Jesus liked Peter and he likes frail humans such as we.

A salesman went with a friend to a peptalk by another  salesman who was very successful. The lecture was dull and contained few useful ideas and his friend was falling asleep but the man grew excited. “What’s wrong with you?” his friend asked. “That is the worst lecture I have ever heard!” The excited man replied, ” Yes and if he can make it then so can I.”

Who did you relate to in the above story? The excited salesman, the grumpy friend, or the boring lecturer? I related to being like Peter and the boring lecturer-that God can do great things through inadequate people who will obey. Dear friend, if He can use me to bless others, just think what He can do through you.

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