Faith Hope Life Challange


I remember someone telling me to shoot for the stars, you probably won’t make it, but at least you will get off the ground!

I look at God’s ways and say, “boy that’s HARD!


The proper word for a christian is IMPOSSIBLE!

When I try to pull God’s ways down to where I think that I could reach them, THEY NO LONGER WORK.

So why bother with the watered down versions? Isaiah 55.9 Romans 10.6

With Christ I can do all things. And he is able to do exceeding abundantly above all that I ask or think. Ephesians 3.20

In Starwars, Hans Solo is told that his reward is more that he could imagine. He responds,” I don’t know, I can imagine an awful  lot!”

I guess it is easy to imagine a lot of money or power or fame or entertainment, yet it is hard to imagine a lot for the kingdom. I am advised to lay up treasures in heaven but have trouble imagining the fulfillment of my imaginings. I believe it was Dwight Moody who said , it has yet to be seen what God can do through one person who is totally yielded to him.

If I were in God’s shoes, how would I use me if I were totally yielded to him? What do I have to lose? I need to start by praying up a storm, pray without ceasing, pray that evil be destroyed, that families be saved and strengthened for the war, that pastors resist temptation and preach the truth no matter what their people want, that other’s might see Christ in me that there might be a great in-gathering to the kingdom from every tribe and nation on earth, that God’s word might be translated into every tongue on earth. I pray against abortion, divorce, child abuse, pornography, casual sex, rebellion against parents. etc. etc.  Surely I can picture and hope great things from God using my feeble prayers to make a difference that will never be fully know till I reach heaven.

I try to scatter seed everywhere I go. Sure some will bounce on beaten paths but some will grow and produce much fruit.

Romans 15.13 I should abound in hope.   Romans 12.12 Rejoicing  5463 in hope  1680; patient  5278 in tribulation  2347; continuing instant  4342 in prayer  4335;

When possible, I let other’s know all the dreams I dream for God and his kingdom. People will think of me as Pollyannish or just plain weird. I have learned to revel in being someone whom all men think strange. Yet I stand ready to give an answer for the HOPE that is within me. I pray that the other person, peradventure, will be infected with a desire to live above the world by hoping and shooting for the stars with me!

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