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Attitudes for elders and not so elders

As I am getting older on the outside, although younger on the inside. I need to grab the current opportunities while being more aware of the brevity of life; I have a strong urge to do things that invest in others and the future. I also need to be ready to go to glory at any time.

When Hezekiah was getting old, God came to him and said, “Set thine house in order; for thou shalt die, and not live.”   It would have been so much better if he had said, “The Lord giveth and the Lord taketh away blessed be the name of the Lord” Instead he whined and wept and God gave him fifteen more years. However, he did not set his house in order and his son Manasseh was evil. It would have been better if fifteen years earlier he had looked for a godly replacement or led his son to worship God. During those fifteen years he showed off the riches God had given him to “distant” visitors from Babylon who took the report home and eventually came back with an army. Instead of preparing the people for coming judgement that God had promised, he said, “As long as the war doesn’t come while I am alive it is good!”

First we need to live in the now with passion and peace, yet being constantly OK with moving on to glory whenever God calls. “For I am in a straight between two things having a desire to depart and be with the Lord but for now staying and ministering to others is EVEN BETTER! The awareness of the glory to come should inform my delight in the current moment because ministering to others is, for now, even more wonder full then heaven. None of this, ” too heavenly minded to be of earthly good” stuff. Rather, so heavenly minded that I seize earthly opportunities with courage, creativity and gusto.

Because Hezekiah was not ready to go then he was not ready to stay.

There was a foolish young protester with a sign that said “there is nothing worth dying for!” This was on national TV a few years ago and the whole country gasped and asked “what are we coming to? If there is nothing worth dying for then there is nothing worth living for.”

Unlike Hezekiah I need to invest whatever time I have left in leaving a legacy and in calling my country to repent lest we reap a consequence far worse than the invasion of Babylon. Do I pray, not only for my country now, but also for the country of my children and grandchildren, that God will bring and maintain revival for the long term.

Life focus should be like driving a car. Learn from the past and don’t let it control our decisions in the present or color our hope for tomorrow or absorb all our focus or eat up our energy trying to suppress it. Ask how going down the current piece of road will lead to godly outcomes in the future. Then focus on the road in front of me.

Then being grateful for God’s mercy on the past and hoping to the end for the promised blessings; I seize the moment doing everything with all my might as unto the Lord and not as men-pleasers. Grateful for every extra second he gives me on earth to fight the good fight and equip the next generation to continue the war. I see so many old people who seem to have the attitude that “I’ve done my part so now I will back off and coast and leave it to others.” The young need us for example of being good to the last drop and for our witness of what God has done. Even if they don’t always know that they need us. So don’t get miffed but get involve

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