Faith Iniquity Life Challange


Pause and think as to what is going on when we are lukewarm. Remember that important Bible study tool FIGURE OUT MY NATURAL RESPONSE, HOW I LEND MY BODY MEMBERS SLAVES TO INIQUITY AND UNCLEANNESS/ GOD’S WAY WOULD BE PRETTY MUCH THE OPPOSITE.  When I assume that I must be doing things right, I always screw it up. When I assume I am doing it wrong I find grace to do it God’s way, the opposite of my way.

I was talking to an older woman the other day and she told a story of her grandmother’s wise advice, “people who spend all their time worrying about a problem are just too lazy to spend their time doing something about it.”

Lukewarm people sit in the back of the church and think that they have done their part and ask  “what’s the least I can get by with and still have eternal life as a reward?” Others sit in the front of the church and run all the  classes and are impressed with what they are able to dig out of the Word through their intelligence and they think,” I hope that’s enough and I sure hope no one asks me to examine myself or go witnessing or spend hours in prayer.” OR “Lord, Lord have I not done much for you so you owe me one?”  They find fault with how others do things and think that finding fault is doing things themselves. They are going to TRY but never quite show up and then complain, “I’m trying the best that I can, isn’t that enough?”

The HOT for God folks are so in love with Jesus and being a channel for his love that though they feel inadequate they but bring their few loaves to the loaves multiplier. They grab ahold of the little piece of life flowing past them and do the little they can to minister, learn, enjoy and savor it. They are so aware of their own need for growth they never have time to find fault and are endlessly patient with others’ struggles. They are so fixed on the Lord that they have cast all their care on him. They keep no record of what they have done for Jesus but glowingly share what he has done and is doing for them. They are sad when others fall. When asked to try they never ask “What’s in it for me?” They are joyously planning good for others and keep walking because they do not seek an end to the adventure of walking this present path with Jesus. I Corinthians 13.

Ecclesiastes 9 :7-10 They let go of all but Jesus and learn to be content with much or little fame, power, ministry etc. for it is all his. Instead they drink and eat what God gives them with joy; They offer their effort to Jesus knowing he will accept and delight in them. They take care of and appreciate their clothes and perfume. They live joyfully with their families. They do what they can with gusto remembering that these wonderful opportunities to minister and comfort and build fellow strugglers will be but for a brief time and then, Heaven. (And yes that will be cool too)

Never forget that we are already immortal and this little blip of immortality has its own glory. Philippians 1 23 Paul says that he’d love to go and be with Jesus but for now staying here and letting Jesus use him to bless the church was EVEN BETTER!

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