Blessed: are the ones who sense how poor their spirits are and their need for spirit strengthening and enrichment from God.

Does God really, want me to see that my spirit is far more needy than I realize? “YUP”

Wouldn’t that make me beat  myself up when I see the poverty of my spirit, or make excuses, or compare with others, or say “that’s just the way I am I can’t help it?” “Nope”  Seeing my powerless helpless condition will help me get and stay out of the GAME OF WORKS and realize that the only hope for someone as messed up as I is to let God live through me”

Blessed: are they that morn. Am I sure want to be blessed? Will I have to let God give me a sense of grief for my sins and the sins of the world. ‘YUP”

This will teach my heart to hate sin and that is the essence of THE FEAR OF THE LORD.

Blessed: are the meek. But Lord don’t you want me to hate sin? “YUP” Yet turn the other cheek and walk the second mile? “YUP” So meekness is strong rage at sin with steady calm self controlled efforts to let God attack sin through my obedience? “YUP” Sounds like a tough balance to me!

Blessed: are the spiritually hungry,who hunger and thirst after righteousness.  Boy, can I stand all this blessing? Sounds painful to me. “YUP”

Blessed: are the merciful. So I need to hate sin, work to resist and defeat it and not wack on the “bad actors” if they repent? Is that fair?  “AFTER WHAT I FORGAVE YOU? YUP”

Blessed: are the pure in heart. What, the precious ointment of my love to you can’t have one teeny tiny dead fly in it without stinking? “NOPE”

Blessed: are the peacemakers. You mean that if I see others being attacked, I can’t just video it and put it on Facebook? “NOPE.” I have to get involved and might be attacked myself? “YUP”

Blessed: are the persecuted. Now just hold on, maybe I could do without all this blessing. You sure there isn’t another way? “NOPE”

OK Lord but without you I can do none of this, “YUP” so please work in me so that I might be blessed and be a blessing. “OK”

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