Faith Iniquity Life Challange


Of course the “Sunday school mind” replies, “Of course I want to be directed by God, what could possibly lead to a better life?”

In my own case I’m not so sure. His “better” has nothing to do with comfort or function but rather to bringing himself glory and conforming me to his image. In Romans 8:35 I find that he may lead me down the path of tribulation, distress, persecution, famine, nakedness, peril,and sword; to be killed all the day long, accounted as a sheep for slaughter. What then is my promise? that in all these things I will remain in his love.

Seem unfair? I often ask people if they would like to live in a fair world, and with normal human foolishness they quickly say, “of course!” So I ask them if they would like me to pray and ask God to give them exactly what they deserve? If so, would they mind if I backed away a good distance before asking for “fairness” for them! I love unfairness! I have been unfairly forgiven cleansed, healed and given immortal life as the bride of Christ.

With this great unfairness comes his right to take me through trials for his glory that may seem unfair. Still the balance of fairness is always in my favor since I am his and he is mine.

I’m afraid that I often err on the side of the double minded person in James one who asks God for wisdom in order to look properly christian but then doesn’t pay attention to the lessons God arrainges to teach me or go searching in his word for how he wants me to proceed.

What is INIQUITY? It is DOING GOOD in which I decide for myself what that good is, I then do it in my own strength and then moan and groan about it for extra credit.

It is good to know that ANY one of these steps ruins the effort and takes it from God doing good through me and into GOOD WORKS which always exhausts and brings damage rather than blessing.

I was reading about churches that fast and pray and seek God’s guidance as to WHAT to do but then rush ahead and do not seek God’s WHEN and God’s WAYS or accept God’s appointed authorities or accept help from the people God brings alongside. This leads to burn out and failure and wondering why, if God wanted it done, then why didn’t it work?

In ALL my ways I need to acknowledge him and like a good soldier, constantly defer to my commander for directions.

Perhaps the key is Peter’s reply to Jesus when Jesus asked “will ye also go away? Then Simon Peter answered him, Lord to whom shall we go? thou hast the words of eternal life.

I believe that the mustard seed of faith is this: ( I may not see how God’s way will work, I may be terrified that I will lose all, I certainly know that I am not strong enough to walk in this way, but I definitely know that going my own way is a guaranteed bust and that no one else has the words of life,so, Lord, direct me down the path you choose).

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