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I Feel Sorry that You Can’t Be Me!

Just what does a really healthy person experience in regards to delighting in their God-given design and the life He has given them? When I discharge people from the day hospital, I sometimes tell them that my goal for them is that, in a couple of years, they might wake up, sit on the edge […]

Comfort Humility


Do you struggle with low energy and secretly envy others with abundant ability to serve God, feeling that you are not as important, as pleasing to the Lord. A missionary had been raised in the mission field, was bilingual, and felt that her mission field was in the country where she was raised. She was […]

Comfort Humility Iniquity Relationships


Whenever I do couples therapy, neither one wants to examine themselves. “Fix the other and I’ll be OK!” They wallow in the universal delusion that looking good is more important that being good. I used to run around being terrified by the delusion that, if I admit the reality that “I am the chief of sinners”, […]

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Blessings On The Little Guy

You And Me! (weak, untrained, troubled, ignored, etc.) Are you weak? Awesome, then join me in bringing God glory through our weakness. The Marines are looking for a few “good men”. God is looking for the weak–me and you! The Bible says that not many strong, not many wise in this world’s opinion, not many […]