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The devil loves to get me off balance. Yes, I need to be motivated by relationship, good intentions, and good attitude/ but on the other hand I need to have relationship, good attitude and good intentions backed up by habits tools and efforts that lead to that end. There is an old but practical saying,” […]

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Unconditional Surrender!

When I decided to quit being at war with God, (like a commander surrendering the city to an invader) I wanted to know what were the terms of surrender. How about I give him 10% of my income and the rest his mine to use, however I want? How about I give him Sunday morning […]

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Study to be quiet?

What is this business about my needing to study, strive, labor to be quiet? shouldn’t, quiet, just happen? I Thessalonians 4:11. I have always been a quiet person on the outside. For example, when I had the opportunity to give a Sunday morning sermon at a high school reunion, all my friends came up to […]

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What’s all this talk about sin?

I was recently told that my last few blocks have been about sin. Well duh! After all I am, after all, the chief of sinners, the world expert on the subject. Plus, it seems to me that, there is too little emphasis on sin. No one disputes the fact that we have to confess ourselves […]

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Honest to God?

Most honest people sit in a church wondering why they themselves struggle with pornography, anger, discouragement, bitterness, selfishness, worry about the future, judgementality, etc. And No-one Else Seems To Struggle. Such a person is actually in a better place than the ones who think that they are just fine. Oh I know Transparency: (Being open […]

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Scriptural Meditation

Happy as the person who does not apply ungodly advice even from godly people. Or hang around with sinners, wishing we could do what they do, or join in with scoffers as they make fun of other people. Instead they meditate day and night on God’s word. They will be like trees that are green […]


Worship the Foot Washer

God’s ways are not my ways, neither are his thoughts my thoughts. For as the heavens are higher than the earth (this is an infinite distance) so are God’s ways higher than my ways. When I was in the Air Force I was told that an officer never asks his men to do anything he […]

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Negative Arrogance?

Anytime I say, “I am the only one in the universe who…” I am being arrogant. The scriptures say that there is no trial I face that everyone does not go through similar trials. Everyone struggles with similar weaknesses, feels similar pain. To think that anything is true for just me, is clearly arrogant. For […]


Ha! Ha! Ha! Oh it feels good to laugh!

God said: Proverbs 15:13, 15:15, 17:22, Ecclesiastes 8:15, 9:7-9. The Bible says: A merry heart will do me good like a medicine/A merry heart puts a smile on my face and the smile will make my heart merrier (not to mention making other people’s hearts merrier)/ If my heart is merry , I will find […]

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Persistent Passion

How would you like to go to a church which had a report from God almighty that said: This church works hard; is patient; does not tolerate evil; checks out people who claim to be leaders and teachers and can tell the difference between those who are putting on a show and those who are […]