When the king of England wanted to dictate how to worship his god, so that he could have more personal control; he sent his soldiers to stop a growing movement of godliness in the countryside. The people resisted and one of their leaders was a man named Cromwell, who was given leadership over a few thousand zealous, godly young men.

When his men engaged the sin-filled heathen of the king’s army, the wicked king’s men sent the godly young men fleeing.

Cromwell retreated with his men into the jungles of England and started to drill, and drill, and drill them. He drilled on 1. using their weapons, he drilled on 2. following leader’s commands, he drilled them on 3. working together as a team.

After three years he brought them back into the war. The king hears that he was back and sent twice the number of his best troops to wipe out the godly army.

This time, due to zeal plus skill, the godly young men blew away the heathen king’s troops and won the war.

In 1187 AD, when the Islamic leader Saladan was approaching the “Christian” held Jerusalem, the soldiers in Jerusalem felt that it was blasphemy to even question whether God would grant them victory. They went marching out with insufficient water and food and engaged the enemy tired, hungry, and thirsty and they lost Jerusalem.

Interesting, but so what? I’m glad you asked.

In the battle of truth with lies, of light with darkness /in the building and defending of God’s kingdom; Remember : We fight not against flesh or blood but against the powers of darkness sitting in high places. Ephesians 6:12 Victory only comes by fasting and prayer and being prepared. Mark 9:29

1,We need the three tools of Cromwell’s men. Our weapons are A. the word of God properly “divided”, 2 Timothy 4:11 B. Praying without ceasing for one another. and C. Make a joyful noise, singing to the Lord in our hearts and with our joined voices.

2, Loyally following our spiritual leaders, I Corinthians 16:15,16

3, Fight in close teamwork with our fellow soldiers, standing fast in one spirit, with one mind, striving together for the faith of the gospel.

4, Facing the battle having feasted on the Word of God John 6:51 and drunk from his well so that we will never thirst again. John 4:14 We need to constantly rest in Him so that we are prepared at all times to give an answer for the hope that others see in us. I Peter 3:15

No, No It is not enough to be zealous and love the Lord. There is a war on and we must follow Cromwell’s example. We must add to our faith: virtue, hope, zeal, skill, teamwork, and God, and then we will win the day. Let us stop wringing our hands in despair. Things have looked far worse in the past for the kingdom and then God has broken through. The weapons of our warfare are not worldly but spiritual. They are powerful and useful to the tearing down of strongholds. Praise God .

One reply on “CROMWELL, who?”

I like this post. To compare a successful leader from the distant past, to a situation in the present, is genius. I agree that skill and leadership only make a healthier team paired with the spiritual aspect of ‘battle.’ We are a triune species–spirit. soul, and body. If the body and the mind go to war, they are not going to be as successful without the spirit part, as demonstrated by Cromwell. Something for us all to remember.


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