Will we be physically beautiful in heaven? We will certainly not have any attitudes connecting surface appearance to the persons worth. I don’t think that we will evaluate ourselves or others based on appearance, except to say to ourselves, “How wonderful to see you.” We will delight in recognizing each other and having a chance to deepen our acquaintance and love for each other. I think that God gave us dogs for examples of good attitudes. My dog only asks one question, “Is this person mine?” If so, she wiggles and wags her tail and is thrilled to see me, no matter my appearance.

For man looks on the outward appearance, but God looks on the heart–and we will all have beautiful hearts in heaven. I Samuel 16:7.

Jesus still had his scars which he wore with a positive attitude, inviting Thomas to thrust in his hand and believe and quit doubting. John 20:27

We will recognize people but our bodies will not have differential abilities. To get into the kingdom,”ugly” people must turn their focus from their appearance, to their ugly sin and ask God for forgiveness. They will then find that their struggles (to thank God for their appearance and not be bitter about the judgement of others) will bring growth and will be the source of much of their treasure in heaven.

The principle of DESIGN: The designer has the right to build into who we are”non-sin, non-choice” elements that may trouble us in this life. I grew up in India and our house was full of a variety of pots. Truthfully, the “ugly” pots would have been harder to live without and were appreciated and used far more often than the “beautiful” pots.

First I need to thank God for my design features that are just part of who I am. Even the nicks and dents that I have added through my sin or that result from the sins of others, will prove to be useful blessings. Like what? You ask. Well think about it and then you may read on. (Remember that you do not have to see the value or feel thankful for the design element. You just have to say, “Thank you God for my illness, low IQ, height, pain, physical coordination and strength, family of origin, country of birth, appearance, hair color, age, time in history etc. etc.

Then I need to see that I am God’s masterwork, created in Christ Jesus unto good works which he prepared for me and me for the works. Ephesians 2:10 I am woven together by Him in my mother’s womb and am awesomely and wonderfully made,God sure did marvelous work when he made me. This my soul knoweth right well. Psalms 139:13,14 I need to trust the potter to know what he is doing. Shall the thing formed say to him that formed it, “Why did you make me this way?” Romans 9:20

The Bible warns that any comparing myself with others, or with what I think that I should be like, or what I used to look like, is foolishness. 2 Corinthians 10:12

Then I need to ask the Great Designer how He intends me to use my peculiarities to bring Him glory and bless others. Jesus said, “This did not happen to him because of anyone’s sin but rather that the works of God might be manifest in him.” John 9:4

Of course, I have to take the “deck” that God has dealt to me and seize opportunities even if my design makes it hard. I just love the young man who could barely walk and talk who felt called to be an evangelist and now works full time. He staggers to the podium and asks, “So what is your excuse for not serving God?”

Next I need to extend these same attitude to others and ask God’s help to look on the inside and not the outside.

One of the hardest opportunities that I have faced along these lines was when I was asked to counsel a depressed young lady who was suffering from excess beauty. She made a living having her picture taken for magazine fronts and advertisements. She would have been glad to be “ugly” because no one saw past her face to the hurting person inside. I would look at her georgeous face and my brain would think, “How could she be depressed?” I remember asking God to show me the real person and I would stare between her eyes to see the loneliness and hurt inside. I was able to see the sad, beautiful, wise heart within and assure her that God delighted in her and “saw” the real person.

Finally, I need to go beyond putting up with God’s design and rather I need to revel in it. You need to wish that everyone could be just like you? Do you? NO? Well ask God to take you to that place where you delight in being you, so much, that you feel just a little sorry for others because they can’t be you! However, they can be who God made them, and that is just as great!

1 Corinthians 7:7 Paul says, “I wish that all men were even and I myself. But every man hath his proper gift of God, one after this manner, and another after that.

One reply on “UGLY? WHAT’S THAT?”

It never occurred to me that a ‘positive’ attribute –like beauty–could be a negative thing. Probably because I never had to suffer with it! But I can understand how others would focus on that attribute and not bother to see what is inside. It works the other way, too. If you have a negative attribute–like a slow brain or a funny gait–that is the focus of the others around you; until they take the time to get to really know you. Fortunately, the Lord sees our insides and helps us deal with any ‘ugly’ we may have if we ask Him. Good post!


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