PSALMS 4:8/ 127:1,2 PROVERBS 3:13-24/ ECCLESIASTES 5:12 /ACTS 12:15

As I fall asleep, I need to remember that God does listen to me, I need to review all his majesty and be still in my heart to know that God is God. I need to bask in the light of his countenance and he will put gladness in my heart. Then I will lay myself down in peace and sleep, for you, my Lord, make me dwell in safely.

I need to recall that nothing that I do has any point, unless God told me to do it and I am doing it his way and in his strength. How can I tell if I am going beyond my part and doing God’s part? I will find myself getting up early, staying up late, and being miserable as I work. God loves me and wants me to relax, I should get up at a reasonable time, whistle while I work, quit when it is time, and get a good nights sleep. If I learn this, he will let me tackle the toughest job of all, raising a full house of children.

If I spend my life getting and living by the wisdom, knowledge, and understanding found in the Word of God, Then I can fall right to sleep and my sleep will be sweet.

If I want to have sweet sleep, it helps to work hard all day.

O to be like Peter, who, being bound with chains to two soldiers; laying on a hard floor; slated to be killed the following day; locked in a jail with a heavy guard: slept so well that his angel had to “smite” him to wake him up. I need to remember that nothing this world can do to me matters, not even physical discomfort or the threat of a painful death. So, why sweat it? Get a good nights sleep whenever possible.

2 replies on “SLEEP”

I like to quote ps 4 8 as I go to sleep and promise that the first thing that God will hear from me in the morning is praise for the new day. Lois and I then quote ps 24 in the morning to remeber that we are just his sheep whom He leads in pastures and provides for and comforts.


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