Humility Iniquity Life Challange

Honest to God?

Most honest people sit in a church wondering why they themselves struggle with pornography, anger, discouragement, bitterness, selfishness, worry about the future, judgementality, etc. And No-one Else Seems To Struggle. Such a person is actually in a better place than the ones who think that they are just fine. Oh I know

Transparency: (Being open about my past sin.) All scripture will give me truth that will reprove if I let it. Most Christians vaguely acknowledge that they were a sinner in need of salvation but never share with anyone about their past struggles so that the other person could relate and have hope for themselves.

Vulnerability: (Being open about my present struggles with sin and doubt and weakness.) This would help me find support and encourage others to know that it is normal to feel the fact that we are in a continuous battle.)

Humility: (Being open about the fact that I will have future struggles and will need accountability and support to resist temptation then.)

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