Act in What I Believe

We know that when we come to God we must believe that he exists and that it is worth our bother searching him out, for he will reward those that diligently search. We’re told in Proverbs to make it our primary goal to get to know him more and then he will direct our paths.

Sure, I know that I should, but do I search him out?

We remember that one of his names is, “The God who always sees everything” El. Roi. We remember that one of the tests for accountability in a court is, “Would you have done it if a policeman were standing right there?” Well, God is standing right there at all times.

Sure I know this, but do I act in ways I never would, if I could see him?

I’m told that I will certainly appear before the judgment seat of God to receive the appropriate reward for what I did while being a human being. Yes I know I will have an advocate, Jesus Christ the righteous one. I remember that only what is done for Christ will last.
Sure I know that,But do I live in such a way that everything I do is, because he asked me to, done in his power and for his Kingdom and his glory?

I believe that all have sinned and must come to repentance or spend eternity separated from God. I believe that being a responsible adult is never enough to earn salvation.

Sure I know this,But do I pray and witness to the perishing around me with the earnestness such knowledge should impart?

Peter says, “seeing all material things will be vaporized in a blast of unimaginable heat, what type of person should I then be?” Sure I believe that, But do I put too much focus on the things and the comfort this world affords today?

The Hindu religion suggests that the people, events, and things around us get in the way of seeing the higher truths and that peace is found by not wanting, not enjoying, not caring.

Christ always calls us to a more impossible path.

  • I am to search for him while focusing intensely on the events and things around me.
  • I am to be aware of and delight in the fact that he is always watching.
  • I am to steward and enjoy the material things but see them as tools to minister to others and give me support for the journey.
  • I am to care about relationships intensely and still keep walking when they let me down.
  • I am to look forward with delight to the judgement seat. That will be where Jesus will delight in showing the world what he was able to do through my feeble efforts and get himself much glory.
  • I am to rejoice in being a fellow burden bearer with Jesus, remembering that he has the other side of the yoke, so his yoke is easy and his burden is light.
  • I am to enjoy and delight in the material things God has allowed me to have but carry them in an open palm so that if he takes them back that would be good also.
Lord, teach me to grab the "impossible, crazy" higher path to higher ground which you lead me to walk, the path that forces me to stay yoked to you and remember that you are walking it with me and making the impossible happen and the crazy, sane. 

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