All it takes for evil to triumph is for ME to do nothing!

God sought for A man to stand in the gap and he found no one, so the city fell! That is like the case in New York where a lady was murdered on the sidewalk in front of an apartment building while several people watched. Some of them yelled at the murderer to cut it out, but no one went out to help or called the police. They did not want to endanger themselves or they figured someone else would call.

I remember when I lived in inner city Detroit and watched a man being shot on the street near my house. I knew that I would have to be involved as a witness, but the idea flashed through my head. “What if the killers have a gang who tries to silence the witnesses?” Then I remembered the verse that says that if the innocent are being led to the slaughter and I do nothing, then their blood is on my head. So I offered myself as a witness. Fortunately, some police heard the shots and immediately caught the killer. I lived in a great neighborhood and there were so many witnesses that I did not even have to go to court.

However, as society abandons God and his word, you may be called upon to be the one that stands in the gap.

But what if I know that I am not capable to stand alone and stop the onslaught? I must never forget that it is not my capability that God wants, it is my availability!

Life events that God wants to impact through yielded people find an analogy in Joni Ericson Tada’s body. As you recall, she became a quadriplegic at a young age. Still, the head (her brain) manages to do impressive things even though most of her body members refuse to respond. These still want to be fed, protected and cared for but not used. She is forced to use her mouth to paint awesome Christmas cards. Now the mouth could complain that it is the fingers’ job and that mouths are clumsy at painting but if the mouth is the only part available then the head has the right to use it to paint. Most of the body of Christ does not want to listen to the head and just wants God to provide and protect. They don’t want him to work out his will through them. So I can guarantee that you and I will be asked to do that which we feel inadequate to do. But, Oh what a privilege to be the instrument Jesus uses to bless others and work out his will in this world! So what blocks me?

Half the time my cop-outs don’t hold any water. Take Moses for example, he tried to cop-out claiming that he could not talk! How many people have been referred to by the word of God in Acts 7:22 as “Mighty men of words”? Moses! He wrote Genesis–> Deuteronomy! Sorry, feeling shy does not count. If my body parts belong to the Lord and he likes to talk and I yield my members slaves to him. Guess what? I am liable to be asked to do a lot of talking!

So, dear Lord, here am, I send me and may the words of my mouth and acts of my hands and feet be acceptable in your sight and bring you joy as you are able to work your will in the lives of people around me!

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