Getting worked up over the crazy, unfair, dangerous world I live in is just plain crazy.

I think that one of the reasons God has helped me see more and more of his perspective on things, is that I am very aware of how naturally crazy I am. I then don’t expect sanity in the world around me. Not even from my fellow Christians.

God’s ways are not my ways and his thoughts are not my thoughts. Sanity is seeing things the way they are which is the way God sees. But God has to open my eyes before I can see things his way. The devil sometimes lets people see bits of God’s truth but only bits and often puts a hook in the worm. For example, people can go to AA and apply the ideas and quit drinking and function better till they die and go to Hell because they missed the part of the truth that to have grace I must submit to Jesus and not invent a god that I am comfortable with.

I need to expect “crazy”, to expect sinners to sin, worldly people to be worldly, people who consider themselves wise to reject God. I need to expect sinners trying to look good, to believe that mankind is basically good, that knowledge will bring wisdom, that giving money to needy people will cause them to work hard and do better, that politics can solve our problems, that they can drive as if they are the center of the universe and not get in an accident etc etc.

I need to revel in the unfairness of things. Fairness: getting what I truly deserve right now! Ouch! Are you sure that is what you want? Anyone who wants fair must truly think that they are basically so good that their just deserts would be wonderful. No, I live in a fantastically unfair world, with lots of unfair misery pulled on my head by my own sins, which are bigger than I realize, and by the sins of the world. It is also full of unfair mercy and grace flowing from God. I have learned to focus on the wonder of his grace to where I do not think that the pains and losses of this world are worthy to be compared to the unfair gifts of God. Romans 8:18

Danger? Yeah, what can this world do to me? Well it can bring: tribulation, distress, persecution, famine,cold and nakedness, peril , sword, killing us all the day long, treating us like sheep for the slaughter, being reviled, imprisonment, be hated by all even our families, beatings, labors, poverty, abandonment and other such light afflictions which are unworthy to be compared with the far more exceeding and eternal weight of glory. 2 Corinthians 4:17/ Romans 8:36

Lord help me to quit whining about the world that is, to quit being caught by surprise. To think it not strange but rather to rejoice and be exceeding glad, to join in as fellow sufferers, fellow soldiers. I Peter 4:12 Looking forward to the trials refining my faith and piling up treasure in heaven.

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