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How I Survived COVID

I recently got a near lethal case of COVID and these steps helped me.

  1. I was taking and continued taking 5000 units of Vitamin D daily
    (If I had not been taking Vitamin D then I would have taken a loading dose of 10 five thousand mg caps twice a day for 3 days,( I know, that would be 50,000mg twice a day)—then decrease to 5000 daily)
  2. I stayed hydrated, I lost taste and appetite so made myself drink chicken broth and liquids when I did not feel like drinking or eating.
  3. I stayed humid, I got a humidity monitor at the pharmacy for $10 and kept my house and bedroom above 35%. I had to be careful not to let a lot of outside winter air in, it is very dry. I bought a “large room” humidifier since I don’t have one on my furnace. I also used a cast iron pot and boiled water on the stove. (Cast iron won’t cause trouble if I forgot and ran it dry.
  4. I took 50mg Zinc daily to block the cycle of viral replication in the cell.
  5. The Zinc has to get into the cell and Hydroxychloroquine pushes it in but it was not available’ so I took Quercetin 500mg which I was told does the same thing and has better side effects. By the next morning the fever and chills were gone and did not return.
  6. My lungs were involved, it is essential to cough out the gunk to avoid pneumonia. So I took Mucinex twice a day and got a nebulizer or vaporizer at the pharmacy. I did the nebulizer mist at least twice a day to keep the “gunk” moist. It seems to help to put ½ teaspoon of colloidal silver water into the mist generator.
  7. Normal oxygen % should be 96-100%. I bought an oxygen monitor at any pharmacy and I found it comforting to check. I used an oxygen concentrator from Inogen and it was fun to watch my oxygen climb from80 to 93. If it had not climbed up, I would have gone to the hospital.
  8. ( They are very expensive at about 1700 dollars.
  9. I took colloidal silver water which kills the virus on contact but not when it is in the cells , the zinc/Quercetin does that. I took a half cup and swished it in my mouth for a min. twice a day and swallowed it to decrease the impact the virus had on my gut. I found it at health food stores and on line. Then I found someone who makes it at home and it was much cheaper. There are even kits for making your own. It seems to kill the unhealthy bacteria in the gut lumen and leave the healthy ones in the mucus alone. It also kills virus and fungi.

10. I slept a lot and that was good. I did push myself to get up and walk around some though so I wouldn’t get clots in my legs. I was cautious because getting up too early and doing too much could have set me way back.

  1. I had some Imodium on hand for diarrhea if the virus hit my gut but my gut symptoms were moderate.

11.Aspirin is OK short term. It is a blood thinner and the virus can cause clots. Long term it does damage the mucus lining of the GI tract. So I mostly used Tylenol but read the label as too much can damage the liver.

  1. I kept my mind occupied when awake with prayer, Bible reading, movies, writing letters etc. I felt a little trapped, as I have claustrophobia but knowing that being absent from the body is to be present with the Lord helped a lot.
  2. After recovering I still obtained the immunization. It generates a lot more antibodies than having had the illness so is still recommended for long term immunity.

3 replies on “How I Survived COVID”

Praise the Lord, Dr. Bell, that He kept you in his healing care and gave you the wisdom to administer the medicines and treatments that helped you to recover. I am glad that you are with us longer and I am thanking God for his tender mercies and grace to you. I will keep you and your family in prayer as you regain your health and would appreciate if you keep us updated. God bless you always.


Thanks for your prayers. In fact I am feeling restless to get back to work, as I was let go at Pine Rest in favor of hiring PA’s who are cheaper. I hope to hear from the VA in the next couple of weeks and feel God has another 10 years of worthwhile labor left in me.


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