I was walking past a house recently that had a sign, “In this house we believe in science.” By which they mean, “We can live by sciences biased unproven conclusions if that allows us to do what we want to and to judge others as being less “Correct” than we are.

Well what does basic science say about KNOWING?

It says that one can not ‘KNOW’ anything based on science alone.

It says that all systems of logic including “science” begin with unprovable assumptions which (If true) then the rest of the logic would follow. You see, faith is needed for believing in science and so all scientific lines of reasoning and all scientific conclusions are in fact– not fact but faith based.

One never sees anything. Photons flow into my eyes to the thalamus and are shunted to the nor-epinephrine cortex which compares the patterns flowing in to imperfect and often erroneous maps programmed by my childhood and subsequent experiences. They may approximate reality closely enough to let me function but they ignore what I don’t want to see or was never trained to see or think is not worth looking for and emphasize things that “prove” my biases. They also “see” things that aren’t there if I really want to see them.

Science also says that the basic act of observing anything changes it from what is was before I observed it and from what it would have been if I had not disturbed it by observing it. (Just try inviting your boss to stand over you all day and watch you work and see if it affects your speed and mistake levels.) Jesus says that the people of this world have eyeballs that do not see and ears that do not hear. Mark 8:18 Even when the proof that he was God was so evident that the religious leaders said, “We really need to stop this guy before all the people seeing his powerful works and run after him.”

How can people, knowing that God is God and that he spoke everything into existence, still cling to and act as if he did not. How can they see the good works that God still does in the lives and families of his people (greater works than even Jesus did) and still hate us and try to kill us?

It turns out that what we see and hear and believe has nothing to do with reality but is predetermined by what we want (our lusts), even before we start looking and observing. 2 Peter 3:3-5

Thus, so called, I Timothy 6:20 science wants to be free of God’s kingship, they want to be in control of their own lives, they do not want to admit their comparative ignorance, they do not want to owe God anything, they want to take credit for their blessings and accomplishments, “See this great city that I have built” : so they have to see a world that is explainable without God, (It is definitely not) Even when they have proved that evolution could not occur, they would rather theorize that DNA was brought here from another alien planet rather than pause and worship God. Romans I:21,22 They remind me of how “science” tried to explain the movement of the planets and stars while believing that the earth was at the center of the universe.

If you think that you know, you do not know as you ought to know which is that, apart from God you do not know. I Corinthians 8:2 .

In John 1:1 we read, “In the beginning was the LOGOS. Definition? The perfect beginning, middle and end of all logic.

Jesus is that LOGOS.

If I start anywhere other than with, “Dear Jesus help me to see the full and balanced truth for I am blinded by what I secretly want,” will lead to twisted seeing. So, it turns out, that anyone thinking they are logical–can not be. Anyone humbly admitting their limitations and seeking God’s logic will find it.

Don’t forget that the Bible is God’s love letter to those who love and listen and trust him. It is no wonder that people reading other people’s love letters, with warped motivations, get confused.

Lord open my eyes that I may see! 2Kings 6:17-20 Psalms 119:18 Acts 26:18

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