Who I am: I am a child of God who loves to go to the Bible and ask the question, “If these things be so, what manner of person ought I then to be? God has designed me with a “So then, what?” brain. Then, to help me find and share answers, I was saved at 5, raised as a missionary child in India, earned a MD in psychiatry and worked as an ordained minister helping thousands of my brothers and sisters find practical answers in God’s Word. I want the Lord to be worshiped for his caring, practical wisdom and see lives changed as a result.

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My credentials: Missionary child so I understand what ideas are cultural and what are universal. Observed the technology cited in the Bible, as nothing had changed in 4000 years in rural India. I watched the oxen treading out the corn and food being ground in a mortar and pestle etc. I grew up constantly studying the Bible and helping reach my classmates for Christ. I earned an MD and went on to become a board certified Psychiatrist. I have helped people apply God’s word practically to the worst possible life realities and never found a need to water it down. I have worked for 4 years for the USAF and served in state hospitals, community mental health centers and private practice. I am currently the doctor in charge of the partial hospital program at Pine Rest Christian Hospital in Grand Rapids Michigan. More importantly, I have been saved by the blood of Jesus Christ and walked with him in friendship as fellow laborers, sufferers, servants and builders since 1955. I have been married since 1970 and helped raise 5 children and now 10 grandchildren.

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