APOLOGIES, Only when done God’s way are they restorative.

Yes, by  God’s grace I have actually used this tool to apologize and boy is it painful. But anything I might do to make the apology less painful would have ruined it.  However, afterwards I feel clean and restored by God and usually get a decent restoration of the relationship I have harmed.

Anything I include in my apology that makes it hurt less will decrease the chance of RESTORING THE RELATIONSHIP or HEALING THE DAMAGE DONE TO THE OTHER.

Ponder the elements of the prodigal son’s planned apology to his faithful father. Luke 15:11

(One caveat, I need to do the apology with no expectations of ever receiving a proper response in return. Make sure that knowing God’s proper techniques does not make me judgmental of others who aren’t fortunate enough to seek God’s ways in their dealings with you. Doing things God’s way is a reward in itself and oftentimes the only one who notices is God and my reward is internal with inner cleanliness and fellowship with God.)

Step 1.CONFESS MY ATTITUDE(this is the sin against God) : “God is convicting me of my bad attitude of ________. ”

2.BE SPECIFIC : “Which caused me to hurt you by _________________.” (Don’t water it down so the other knows that, I know what I did and that I will be less likely to repeat the harm. There is not point saying “Sorry for whatever I did to make you pout.” or, “Sorry for what you made me do.” In English that actually means “I am so wonderful that I am willing to apologize for things too small for ordinary people to detect. You are so judgmental that you get upset over undetectable things. Sounds more like an attack to me. The word SORRY does not make an apology)

3.PUT MYSELF IN THEIR SHOES: “I can only guess, but you must have felt _____________ and I am sorry for the pain I caused you.” (I must not imply that it wasn’t that big a deal after all and they are making a mountain out of a mole hill.”)

4. I MUST NOT PROMISE TO BE BETTER IN MY OWN STRENGTH: (This would make any same person run screaming in the other direction or worse it could cause them to pretend to forgive you, but not actually reinvest in our relationship.” I know that in my own strength I would fail you again, but I want you to know that I am obtaining the following help and accountability to decrease the chance of hurting you or anyone else.

5.OFFER TO MAKE AMENDS: “I know that I can’t make up for what I did but if I could make amends by _______________ I’d be so grateful. (Remember the scriptures tell me to go overboard in making amends. If we stole, pay back several fold.)

6.DON’T SUGGEST THAT THEY OWE ME THE FORGIVENESS I CRAVE: “After all you were the one to trigger me, or you are not so great yourself, or considering all that you owe me etc”. Instead I should say,“If I were you I’d be hesitant to take another chance on relationship with me, however I really value your friendship.”

7.DO SUGGEST A LOW RISK FIRST STEP IN REBUILDING THE RELATIONSHIP: “Maybe I could be one of your servants” said the prodigal son.”Maybe we could start small by_________.”

8.DON’T SETTLE FOR TOO EASY A FORGIVENESS: If they say, “forget it, it wasn’t anything, I screwed up too.” Reply with, “thank you for your forgiveness and humility, I know that wasn’t easy for you and I really do feel bad for what I did.” Then I need to proceed with amends making and relationship rebuilding.

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