Humility Iniquity Life Challange


A fellow traveler complained this week that when his counselor gives him assignments, he feels that it is like asking a man to read a self-help book when the man can’t read.

This would sound like a valid objection, but the man stopped there. He should have continued. I do have to change and grow, so maybe we could start by ( fill in the blank). Perhaps, in his case by “learning to read” or by humbly confessing his limitations and asking for practical ideas

I can always detect a malingerer from a truly limited person because, when given a suggestion, they  point out what they can’t do and why the suggestion wont work; rather than sharing what they have tried and their plans and how the other might help and their willingness to do the little they can.

The sluggard complains there is a lion in the street. Rather than ask who will help him go chase off the lion. Or could he borrow your spear?

The disciples complain that there are too many to feed with the money at hand, rather than pointing out the little boy who does have a few fish and some bread. Way to go Andrew.

At least Thomas, when the disciples feared going to Jerusalem, said “well we will probably all die but I’m going to go and die with him”

I’m not saying that we shouldn’t bring up realistic concerns, but only to the end of being practical when answering the question. Where do I start? What is the little I can do?

Zechariah got walloped with not being able to speak when he said. How can we make a baby we are too old? He was not asking how to do His part but how to do God’s part.

Mary asked How this could be but did not get consequenced because she was not doubting but reasonably puzzled as to how to proceed.

I had a patient come to my office. He drove up got out of his car walked in and said to me “I can’t talk to my parents!” I said, “didn’t you just drive up here, walk in and talk to me?” “Yes, what’s your point?”  I replied, “It’s not that you can’t, clearly you could drive to your parents, walk up to their house and say (God has been convicting me of my ingratitude and judgmental spirit, please forgive me), but you just don’t want to and are not sure of the result.

We must focus on “what’s the little that I CAN do?”

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